Decay system - sum up

Questions about the decay system are very common in the forum, so I made this provisional sum up.
I hope it will help…
Everybody is welcome to add or improve ofc!

I know the best place for this would be the wiki, but I am a lazy guy and did not learn how to change it yet.

  • The decay timer is dependant on how many structure pieces (ie: foundations, walls etc) are connected together and how many placables are added (ie: vaults, temples, torches etc.) and what tier all of them are. The more pieces and the higher the tier, the higher the timer will be until max. 7 days.

  • Building pieces connected together are treatet as one structure and they will share one building ID and therefore one decay timer. Even if they were once connected and you take the connecting foundation away, they will still share timer and building ID. A player who is not a clan member can check this out with the repair hammer or the TAB-button.

  • As long as you are several seconds near that structure, the timer will be reset to maximum. This is true for all building pieces sharing this ID, even if they do not have a direct connection at the moment. After you walk away from this structure or log out, the timer will decrease.

  • If not reset, the timer will decrease until the seven days are over. From this moment on, the “grace period” can beginn. This will only happen if a player enters the render distance! So for 24 hours from the moment, the grace period is triggered, a payer can either delete doors and chests one by one or delete the whole structure at once erasing one structure piece. After the grace period is over (24 h+), the structure and therefore all dependant placables will disappear in the moment a player will enter the render distance.

  • The decay timer can be reset to max. by non clan members by either placing an explosive jar on the relevant structure or doing damage to it.

  • Placeables will share the timer of a nearby structure if they are close enough (~1m? check this with a repair hammer!). They do not have to be on foundations however.

  • Building pieces of different structures (with different IDs), for example single foundation pieces thrown on the ground without direct connection to each other, can interfere with their timers sometimes, but this seems to be a bug and is not reliable for your planning and building conception. If you are attacking a land claim done in this way, it can happen that the grace period for single pieces will not trigger until you re-enter the render distance or server restart. This does not happen consistantly, though.


Hey @r4nd0mGamer,

Thank you for the information, I have added it to the wiki. You’re welcome to post more guides in the future. Testing information which is already present is always welcome.

Feel free to try editing the wiki. You can start by pressing the Edit source button at the top of any page and changing what you want. Check your changes with Show preview and Show changes to see if you forgot anything. To finish, click Save edit. These buttons can be found at the bottom of the editor.
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For information on building and the decay system, see


Thank you for that!

Sounds like there are no excuses! :man_facepalming: :sweat_smile:


I have to add just 2 things:

I think the decay time depends on the HP of the buildings and not just the number of buildings connected, for example 1 t3 foundations should have, alone, more decay time than a t1 foundation, I will check that when I have a little time to be 100% sure!

Also (but that is more a suggestion to Funcom than an addition to your guide) I think that the ID of the structures should change when they are divided. Why is that?

  1. you can destroy more easily the stupid claim landing with foundations spam
  2. what happens if you connect long buildings and then destroy the connection? you can build a far far away structure and refresh its decay timing without having to go close to it, so you could (in theory) like refresh every build that you have in a huge range. Is that just theory? Maybe, but it means that something’s off with that system
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I think this is the case! A tier 3 foundation will add more decay time than a tier 1 foundation.

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This is a very remarkable point I think.
It is not very commonly known that you are indeed able to do this:

And I hope that people who read this will behave responsibly when using this technique.
But it is not just a theory. People are indeed doing this.
Anyway I can imagine that a lot of experienced players are mad because we posted this technique so publicly (although we are not the first to do this ofc - but it´s still not in the wiki as of now…).

This is a part of the decay mechanic that is important enough to make a whole argument about it, as you said, since there are indeed positive and negative aspects to it.