Hy guys need help

Hy guys , we need help .
We are playing at 3159 official server .
We clear the server and want build in desateur .
We bomb the hole broken base of an clan .

And now just 1 single sandstone foundation

destroy our plans .

It’s bugged inside the structure . You can’t see it with repair tool . You can’t grab it to dismantle .

We try to bomb it with catapult and bombs and arrows (a very lot )

Any ideas ??? The decay timer ist now 300 hours … it’s 1 foundation

With it being stuck inside the mesh like that, your options will be limited. Maybe after the server resets the decay will drop down to a small number?

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No , the foundation stay and stay and stay . Now 3 days .

The more you bomb it the more the timer resets bro

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Why should timer reset when Ian bombing an enemy’s building ??? I never saw that .

The easy way is if an admin come and destroy these foundation .

The problem is even us the timer is over you can’t click destroy in these foundation .

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I suppose that if the timer is that high (300) it might not be the only building piece of the former structure that remains. There must be more building pieces left over, maybe somewhere else, that share the same timer because they belong to the same structure. Find and destroy those to decrease the timer´s maximum! Make sure there is no building inside the mesh. This location is known for building inside (on top of the great hall). Official servers are not administrated for removing building pieces for you. Perhaps, if nothing else helps, gods will :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your ideas ,

Gods are disabled on official servers .

The timer we read from another foundation not from these . These is the only foundation we see. I look on the tower in the mesh but I don’t see anything . And a single sandstone foundation must have a timer from what ? Maybe an our ?
Now it still standing at day 4

On top of the great hall ?? I do not know these spot . Can u tell me ?

It has been reported that bombing a building piece can increase the timer

From today on gods should work on officials. But maybe you can also rely on the decay system. For that of course, you should make sure that it is indeed a single foundation. Take into account that building pieces don´t have to be actually connected to count as one structure. You can read more about this here:

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No gods are disable . Still disable .

Gods enabled on PC only not consoles. @r4nd0mGamer


I see, good point. Trapped in my own cosmos :wink:


It will come to console eventually. Probably with the new Map.

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So we found another building piece . It was part of the big base but now it’s stands alone like these foundation in the tower .

The timer stands at 266h .

Why it’s not possible for an admin to destroy it ?

The official servers are not administrated for that gameplay reason. Only thing they seem to do is fight abuses.
There is a hostile building part? “ADMIN, delete it!” :laughing:
Of course things don´t work that way if funcom has thousands of official servers…
Try to imagine what kind and amount of work that would be. Nobody would ever be satisfied anyway. How should funcom admins even know that the other clan does not want those foundations to stay?

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I know that would be a lot of work . But these 1 foundation could not be attacked , destroy , or grab . You can’t do anything with it . We undermesh the tower next to it but you can not go these one . So our only way ist wait and hope it will despawn by itself .

Nice work . :rofl:

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