Decay and abandonment

I am having an issue getting a solid answer. I thought I would ask.

I saw that one of my bases, a small one by the gallion was announced as being abandoned. So I went over and it said it was put back to normal. But it has a decay timer of 2 days. Gives me that date.

So if a building is abandoned and reset to normal it’s still pretty much not recoverable.

It is just a simple 6x6" 3 story house. Will some killers and some basic placibles in it. Statue of refreshment etc.

Your comments are always appreciated.

I am not certain as i have not had the abandoned building problem as of yet. Though you may have to repair the building some to get the full timer or add a foundation to it.

Let me know if either of these things help in the mean time i will try to think of other solutions.

I am going to test.

The issue is that I had 2 days to fix it. I am currently away for the holidays. So I went to the abondoned place 2 days ago. It switched from abandoned to normal but advised me that it would decay in 2 days. Which is today.

I was hoping the new decay timer for the holidays would kick in.

Worst case scenario. It blows up. But I’d rather it didn’t.

If it’s a small building (especially if t1) then you won’t get the full 7 day timer. Try placing a single isolated sandstone foundation and check timer. It will be very low. Keep adding foundations a few at a time and checking timer (will take a few seconds to update). You will notice the maximum timer gradually gets longer.

@Fizzl added your info to the wiki.

FYI: The wiki currently welcomes any info, including more updated facts on building:

I built three foundations which seemed to work. But I added sandstone to a large black ice building to do that

My issue decay is turned on and seems to restart when I go back on my server Ps4 gportal I would like to see some of the old unused bases go .Starts back to 360 hours or more server settings don’t seem to always stick then have to tweak in game any help would be appreciated Thanks. Also how to accelerate decay would be great don’t want to spend time tearing down abandoned buildings

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