Reseting Decay timer

Hello fellows,
I’ve build a fence foundation inaide a permanent-wall and it snapped incorrectly, so it blocked other important pieces to snap in the desired way. And because it’s inside the wall i couldn’t dismantle it!!!

Now, i abandoned building their and I’m waiting it tondecay by itself…
My questions are:

1- how does the server decide how long the decay timer must be for a small building ( 3 stacked fence pieces)??!

2- if i connect a piece to wall, and that new piece is outside the permanent wall, so I can check if both decayed, how long the distance between me abd these pieces should so i don’t reset the timer?! Some say 200m, but how long is the 200m

3- how does tge decay system work?! Does the building disappear immediately after decay?!

And thanks

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