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I know how to attach timers. I used to know how to separate them as well.

Right now I have a block undermeshed in my base and it’s creating a huge issue. Suggesting to let my entire base decay or move is not a good solution or answer. This happens often and likely could happen in the new location.

In the past I’ve been able to get the block to decay but this one no matter what I do it resets to full timer. Any suggestions?

Note: I have removed all blocks near the undermeshed one. I’ve pulled them back away from the block quite far. I’ve stayed away from the base for days and days trying to allow the block to start decaying but it just resets to max and it’s by itself. It’s sticking out if the wall so far you can stand on it but can’t target it with the repair hammer or dismantle it.

I noticed myself that single blocks have been strange lately :confused:

It’s definitely tying into the proximity of the rest of the build and being refreshed.

I have been successful in removing many enmeshed blocks by going into first person with the hammer equipped. You have to kind of wiggle yourself against it and if you get the red , 100% you can get it out. It might take a lot of patience and swearing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: but that might be a solution.


I’ve tried for a month. First person with hammer and sickle. The crazy thing is how visible the block is. It’s protruding out of the wall. It was hard to see but it also has a wall attached. I’m also torn about trying to stay away for long intervals to let the timer drop or trying to get it out repeatedly or even trying to build around it which I do not want to do.

I keep resetting it anyway though so I might as well try and get it out. I even tried making my character shortest possible hoping she would see further into the wall.

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I believe others have had success in requesting removal of enmeshed building pieces via a bug report. I think that’s the next step since you’ve exhausted all avenues on your own, good luck!


Was wondering about that. Appreciate it.

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Just a little tip to help with how the decay timer works. Say you build a 20x20 base plate of foundations and build it up enough to get to a full decay timer. If you were to then build a line of foundations attached off of it, lets say something crazy like for 2 whole map grids off that original, and then were to delete all of the foundations in that line you made save for the very last one 2 grid squares away, that last foundation will still share the decay timer of the original structure. Thats just how the decay timer works in conan. If you were to build one structure, then start building a separate structure that is much smaller without ever tie-ing them together, you will notice they have different timers.

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Yes but a while back after you detached the structure and didn’t reset the single block for days and days the timer would start to drop and it would only reset to the max timer that it had dropped to unless you added foundations again. That doesn’t happen anymore I guess.

I’m seriously hoping admins will help with this. My base looks like landclaim lines because I had to remove so many blocks trying to get that foundation to decay. I’m afraid to even ask because I don’t want to accidentally get myself soft banned lol.

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Sobre as opções não são as melhores mas, o única forma é que você faça a base novamente toda a base em torno do bloco, vai ser uma grande obra…

Boa sorte :slightly_smiling_face:

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