Decay Timer Malfunction?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Structure/Item Loss
Region: Volcano, PvE#2003

[Free text] Log shows our structures continue to decay, exessively fast. IE: Map room changed from decay state “Normal” to “Abandoned” just three hours after use, and fully decayed/decomposed in just three days. Many of our outposts have been lost during this time of instability where my clan cannot log in. All jumped for joy that one of us managed to get logged in long enough to check, and are very heartbroken to see our work being torn from us in such an unfair way.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Place Structures anywhere on map.
2.Wait for decay to come far before seven days elapse.
4.Report issue.

I hope maybe some additional info might help you
(timers are maxed to two weeks atm for summer vacations):

Have you tried using a repair hammer to look at your structures? It will tell you how much time things have until they decay. Most larger placeables, especially map rooms/animal pens/wheels, need to be placed on foundations, otherwise they decay in a few hours.

I do know all this, but thank you. Our outposts - foundations, walls, roofs, stations, and other placeables - have all been decaying in just three days’ time. It’s now gotten to where (with the current login issue) maybe one person a day can stay connected long enough to walk two foundations and refresh the main base. This should be seven days normally, and since I saw the extended timers notice it should be 14 days. Somehow we’re only getting three to three and a half days. Almost like the timer was cut in half instead of doubled; though that is just one of the theories we’ve tossed back and forth trying to figure this out.

I experienced a similar issue with my map room and the foundations beneath it. Whole thing was a full 168 (DK timer at that point), but it DKd in 3 days. This was about 2 months ago. Official server.

Or they need to be placed sufficiently close to a structure (within its claim radius) to inherit their timer. On officials, it also seems like that radius is smaller than what I remember from a while ago, but that’s just how it seems to me; haven’t actually tested it.

In any case, you’re absolutely on point with the repair hammer. And you can use standing torches as convenient ways to measure out the boundaries of your build, to see how far that radius actually extends out. Place a torch, look at it with the hammer, as soon as it changes from 168 hours to 1 hour (or so), you know you’ve hit that boundary.

For servers that have decay, it would be nice if players could opt-in to warnings about placing items outside of a claim area that are not pillars and foundations. That way they’d have a heads up that whatever they’ve placed will decay quickly.

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I have been a player for since DAY 1…and am sick to death of starting over,because Funcom FIXED something! I lost another 2 bases and ALL thralls 3-6 hours after I signed out on 2 different servers on the 6th. To date this is now the 5th time on one server and 3 times on another.I abandoned all hope on my 3rd…a year ago. But, somehow I check in once in awhile outside of decay timer and I still have a greater wolf with its nerfed HP’s from long ago.So, I have been using Caravan Rhinos for CHESTS and put away all my benches every night ,JUST in case It screws up AGAIN!! I was told I was being paranoid :O- What does it do??? Take all my thralls BECAUSE IT SAID NOONE WAS ON IN A LONG TIME…Itwas 3 friken’ hours. I am 57 next week ad am aging faster than ever STRESSING OVER my BUILDS!!! I am locked and loaded FUNCOM. PS# 3730 PS# 3737

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