Decay time at one hour

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [Europe]

In all official servers decay time is at one hour

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.join official server
2.decay time is on one hour

Hello @Dr.BloodBomb, are you referring to a specific server?

I tried 5 different servers everything i placed is gone after one hour

What did you place? 1 foundation? Then yeah, the decay timer will not bigger than 1 hour…

No i had builded base with like 30 fundaments

Very strange… Official servers? My base was there yesterday and the 2 mini bases I visited… But I didnt put anything new on the ground.

Building pieces and placeables may decay within a matter of hours if they’re isolated, as in, not interconnected to a larger network of other building pieces.

To clarify on this mechanic, you may read the following article and watch the video:

According to wiki my building should last at least 24 hours in abandoned state but they dissapear after 1 hour also my bed dissapear after 30 min

Also before update it never happened to me even if i placed single foundation

Lower tier and smaller buildings and isolated pieces will decay considerably faster in order to prevent server clutter in the official online servers, and as a precaution you may check their timer with the repair hammer before logging out.


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