Decay Timer Stuck @ 0:00

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Watched a building decay. Timer is stuck in 0:00 for the past hour and a half.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: a building decay
2.wait for ever

I’ve already wasted 2 hours of my life waiting outside this decayed building that refuses to decay.

I’ve had the same experience. The timer should represent something accurate. If there’s a grace period after the timer, or something, then extend the timer to include it.

I am pretty sure it’s stuck and it’s a bug. I am frustrated to be honest but more wit my self for actually putting an alarm to wake up early, waiting here more than two hours, etc etc. This game has sooooo much potential but it’s so frustrating to play with all these bugs all the time. Wasted so much time for things like this.

I think you’ll find that the building has now just entered the “Grace Period” which lasts for another 24hrs!
If on a PvE server, the building is now raidable.
From the moment the timer gets down to 00:00, the walls will not collapse until another 24hrs has passed.

The timer used to go down to zero then reset to 24hrs more, now it seems to just hang out at zero but Im not certain so need to test this.

There might be a bug which prevents you from destroying it during the 24hrs… others have reported.

My clan watched one decay and it took 2 hours past decay deadline to be able to demolish. Hope it helps. But agreed, it’s a waste of time going back to check when it already says zero

It could be connected with 16 Days Decay Timer too. But not sure.

Well around 4-5 hours after the timer was stuck in 0:00 the word “Decayed” finally appeared and the building was able to be demolished and looted. 100% sure this was a Bug