Decaying buildings. PvE enfo PS4

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

(PvE conflict, server nr 3042)
Hi there,
I am playing conan for a few weeks. It has many bugs,like death from heat 6 hours after logout (lost equipment of course), several logins and logouts to load base etc (sometimes it takes half an hour). But today i am really sad. Yesterday i built greater wheel of pain. Today it dissapeared. I checked event log and it showed me that at 3 am (3 hours after i built it and logout) it changed status on abandoned and today at 17 it decayed. Sorry but this is really anoying, that kind of bugs are critical and takes away the fun of playing. I have medium-small base - one double building, wall around and craft tables. Wheell was behind the house, a while before there were 5 small wheels of paint and I destroyed them to make space for a new one. Will you clean up this buggy mess? Its really interesting game, but sometimes… it’s a waste of time. Regards

Dying to heat to start with put all of your gear in a safe chest when you logout. Heat source furnace fireplace will over heat and kill you cold resistant armor hot area dead again. Way the game is set up. Decay system items placed on foundations will have a longer decay timer make a repair hammer and check decay on different items. @Wack4863 has a great video on decay and other subjects on you tube very good must see can help you alot stick with it and have fun out there plenty of helpful people here. @zly_andrzej

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When the silver mine mini dungeon got implemented i had a little hut that way so i built a slave wheel and decided id make a little base there for taming and silver mining. Same deal, logged out came back and poof! Its a pain in the tush but now i only over put buildings on foundations or an area i have completely surrounded with foundations and walls. Its a rough learning curve, especially when you dont have stockpiles of ingots! Keep at it tho!

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