Decoration placement ist a living nightmare now! (Since the last Patch on 30th January 2020)

I don’t know how you think you’re able to do that. I used to be able to load up the top of a cabinet with 20 candles. Now I’m lucky if I can fit 5 on there.

This was purely a pvp issue and now it’s broken for PVE.

I get that people on pvp do some rather devious things, but this game can just be about pvp and what they think the intended method of attacking should be.

They’re trying to micromanage players far too much, and to be honest players usually don’t have the first clue about what should or shouldn’t be nerfed/changed to begin with. they lack vision of bigger picture. (Only problem with Funcom is, I don’t think there is a bigger picture) So Take archery for example. Apparently it was too hard to just use a shield and render archers useless. They cried for nerfs instead. Now archery is useless by default. Blanket Nerfing is never the way to go, just like making all development decisions in Favor of one mode of gameplay isn’t the way to go either.

Doesn’t matter at this point though. This is broke and it’ll be a long time before they deem it appropriate to be fixed, IF ever…

And YES it needs to be fixed. This isn’t a better thing.

You are incorrect, and frankly, your tone is making me into a damage sponge. It’s not just to lash out at a messenger, especially when I am just another player speaking from vast experience, and when I assent that this change is not a workable long-term solution.

PvE is not solely single-player or cooperative. It is also multiplayer, and is intended to be multiplayer in such a way as there is comparative anonymity. With this level of anonymity comes xenophobia, and paranoia, which causes people to seek methods to deny other players’ entry into a base, or even an area. In the past, one of these methods has been candles.

To deny another player access to an area with crafty building, or environmental exploits is fair, just and as intended.

To deny all players access to an area due to an exploit in a placeable is quite another matter, and is playing the game in a way not intended by the developers. The reports of such behavior are uniform across server types with one exception: PvE-C apparently has little time for placeable glitching.

This is a change made to err on the side of caution, and playability. Server performance can be affected by Density of Placeable exploits. Denying other players the ability to enjoy the game is a cardinal sin, whether it’s PvE or PvP.

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Dear Mr RatchetandSkank.

I hope you recognized the earlier offical post, that this issue is treated as a bug and is no change for the good of PVP-Players and it is not to make the gameplay for us RP-Players less attractive just because. So be kind within my thread, we all know, this is annoying and we are suffering together here (there is a bit of harmless irony in it, yes ;D) Be patient. It all will be good. In some time we can happily plaster our servers with bowls, candles and pear halves again!

PS.: I still wish we had an Orochi-Emoji here!

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I sure hope they fix it soon. My creative building was the main thing I did with the game. To not be able to place things cuz of senseless snap points and the inability to place things deeper in in a shelf, really put my creative builds at a standstill. Please consider fixing this sooner than later, as many builds depend on it.


Hi there, any update on this issue? Along with many others who role-play and creative build, we suffer from this “snapping” issue. It’s absolutely impossible to place deco placables anymore in meaningful ways. Any creative builds we had planned on doing are currently on ice due to this.

Please (pretty please), for the love of Crom, give us creative freedom again! :pray:

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It is still being looked into by our team. It’s been classified as a major severity bug.


Thanks! I think this is what we whised to hear. It is not intended and you’re working on it!

PS: What about the Orochi-Emoji? That would be epic! thihi

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Thanks for the update again, I know you guys said you’re working on it, but getting an update after a little while just feels really comforting … our interior designers are itching to get back to work :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, thanks!


I hope a hotfix comes soon. I am seriously doing the Pee Dance. I have several structures on my server that are waiting to be decorated. My wife is pissed that I have not opened the server yet. When I told her it was going to be open at the beginning of the month. she wants to know why Im paying for server I wont let any one on. For me I refuse to let people see empty buildings.


I just wanted to thank you for providing an update. It really feels good to be able to ask about these things and get an answer :slight_smile:

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Same for me. Our Server got very quiet since this problem accured - most of them just started decorating and now are to frustrated to proceed…
So dear Devs, keep working! pushing all the remaining motivation to them you can fix it!


Yes! We believe in you! You’re aweseom!

PS.: Have I mentioned an orochi-emoji would be super epic?

edit: I’m starting to rhyme, if this takes longer.


@Ignasi are there some updates for us?


Fairly certain the most recent patch (3/10) didn’t fix this issue. I don’t suppose there’ll be a hotfix for this before the next feature update?

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Hey there,

Quick update: A fix for this issue is now scheduled to come with the upcoming Followers II update. Please be aware that any estimations are tentative and could change due to unforeseen circumstances.


That is a 100% better response than your usual quite frustrating “soon:tm:”. I’ll take it!

Have indeed had a lot of fun trying to place things - but since my character apparently drinks a lot of Absinthe, I was not surprised. We know that this is on the ‘Great List of ‘To Do’’ for the devs, so Yay - 100% on my behalf only - a LOT is forgiven on my server for the Follower enhancements. Hope the Dev-thralls are not being beaten too hard by their respective taskmasters!
ps: the ingrates on my server complaining about mis-placements have been told to raise this with Crom and asked if they can dodge meteors yet…

God bless you… or gods…or whatever you want’t. This is at least a good step forward. I’ve got some serious decorationg withdrawal symptoms by now. I keep seeing floating bowls and sometimes awake screaming from the awefull feeling of being pulled to my neighbour before stacking up to a human tower. I’m also drawn to furnitore stores, the bigger the better, where I try to open the context menue till a worried staff member is calling for security.


If you’re having trouble 'cause of this damn virus, we all will understand! (Did the orochi do this? you can tell me!)

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