Dedicated Server Auto-Backup should be adjustable in the config

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Performance]
Server type : [PvE-Conflict, Dedicated, Windows, No Mods]
Region: [Europe]


By running an kinda well visited server I had always one “issue” in my mind, the auto-backuping.
Currently the server saves a backup of the game.db every 5 minutes, any dedicated-server-user knows them as game_backup_1.db … … game_backup_30.db etc.

My problem now is that my game.db is around 500mb big, which results in 500mb getting written on the drive (ssd in my case) every 5 minutes. Thats around 144GB a day. (if my math was correct)
that does not only mean that every 5 minutes there is a small, sometimes not even noticeable lag on the server but as people may know an SSD has a limited lifetime, better known as a limited amount of data that can be written to it before it may fails.

Yes, I know, a 500mb game.db may should be wiped more frequently but we still have a stable perforance on the server thanks to cleanup routines for old stuff (players, characters, clans, limited event-log etc.) and probably the beasty machine the server is running on.

But still, there should be a setting allowing the administrators to adjust the time between backups so every-one can fit them to their own needs. F.e. I do a scheduled backup to a separate drive anyways, why would I need another backup every 5 minutes.

Thanks for reading through this awful long post,
but maybe there are other server-admins out there that already got the same thing going through their head at some point and maybe funcom considers to add a feature like this in the future :slight_smile:

Hey there,

@Toolguy may be able to help with this question.

See also:

It’s an actual server setting. You’ll just have to find the correct .ini to modify.

Edit: Just realized that’s probably the dev kit setting…

No guarantee that this information is actually working or will stay there if it does, but I was told that there was some ini file parameters controlling the gamedb backup in the game.ini file.


For what I know, the period is the number of seconds between two backups, so a very high value like 9999999.0f would basically disable it (no idea if the game would even try to save it on exit, so be careful)

There’s also a MaxPeriodicBackupsToKeep but it does not seem to be doing anything (probably some remnants of old code)


Thanks for that, I’ll give that one a try and will report back.

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I have the solution from @Toolguy now running on my server for 2 days and so far I can tell that this is exactly what I was looking for, it works perfect!


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