Too many Backup files

After only a few hours of playing, I had 37 backup files. Is there a way to decrease or even turn off the auto-backup feature?

Also, when I occassionally clean all the backup files out from time-to-time, I see a few game_build files and several game_precopy files. I have no idea what they are, so I leave them alone. Are they something I can delete or no?

Just trying to avoid my memory being bogged down by tons of unnecessary files. Had 76 backup files not too long ago. I felt that was a little insane.

On a completely seperate note: I have two symbols in the bottom right corner of my screen that I never had before. A microphone and two arrows forming a circle. I can’t get them in a screenshot. I think they might be Steam related. But I didn’t change anything that I know of. Can someone tell me how to get rid of them?

@droch-aon, @darthphysicist, @drachenfeles you play on pc right? Can you Help?

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First, as someone who has worked in IT and has had to deal with certain issues related to backups, in particular people who didn’t do them despite being warned and advised about it a few thousand times, I feel compelled to say that you can never have too many backup files! :triumph:

Second, if I’m looking at the right folder here, those files aren’t all that big, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them unless you’re really hurting for hard drive space. Like the kind of hurt where every kilobyte counts.


Hi. Are you using the dedi launcher?

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Check this link out:

Best of luck.

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As stated above, those files are very small, and they do take care of themselves over time.

So unless you are really hurting for space on your hard drive I wouldn’t worry about them.

Are you talking about RAM here? We do need more information.
Are you talking about using a small amount of RAM like less than 8g so that you need swap files to run the game?
otherwise files stored on a hard drive shouldn’t bog anything down.

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@Glurin @droch-aon It makes a backup every 5 minutes, and they’re 5-6 mb each. So in just 1 hour of playing, it’ll create 60-72 mb. Is that small? I thought it was pretty substantial.

@darthphysicist @drachenfeles SP game

Thank you all for helping. My ignorance when it comes to computers can be frustrating to me and annoying to others. So I really appreciate this. :smiley:

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That’s nothing. My ever first HDD had 120 GB (year 2000) and even for that it is small.


Just remember no one was born knowing everything about computers. Every single person has at some point been the one that didn’t know.

Here’s some more context for your concern about file sizes. Conan Exiles itself is over 100GB on your hard drive. This is well over 100000 mb. Your save files are using less that 0.1% of this. Its not an issue, and more backups are always a good thing. :slight_smile:


Yes that is quite small


I would try that in the game.ini if you really want to cut down on the backups even in single player. Just go to your conan steam folder and search for the game.ini. Not at my pc or I’d find the exact folder. As people say tho, the backups are small.


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