Dedicated Server Launcher 1.5.8 Port failed to bind

I’m done I wish I could get my money and time back…
So thanks to this new server launcher that is apparently so good in beta it is also the official version has now stopped my server from working. I have tried many possible online solutions with none working.
I have spent nearly 120 hours on a modded server with about 10 mods, I was thoroughly enjoying the game until this happened but now I have left a negative review because I can’t in good conscious support a game that makes hosting a server this much of a headache.
I refuse to pay premium mmo prices just to be able to host a server free from the tampering of others without having an archaic tether co-op system.
Valhiem is far less demanding and yet has an incredibly simple server hosting system even with added mods and its made by a much smaller team. So why does Conan have an asking price of $40 for the base game, $10 for each dlc for building blocks and now you want $15- $30 a month for your gportal rentals.
I have to ask is any of this money actually going to developing the game and making things easier like hosting multiplayer or is it just going to the maintenance of your over blown log of dead official servers?
Hundreds of dead “OFFICIAL” severs and I cant make one because you guys break the game. I hope the Chinese money is worth your pride and humanity.

You can revert to the older server launcher version if you think this is your issue but I somewhat doubt that the issue is with the game or the launcher. It is more likely to be your setup or your ISP. Furthermore, Funcom don’t get any money from private servers and many of us don’t use Gportal, there are much better hosts than them on PC. There are also many private servers using the dedicated launcher just fine. Once you calm down, you can explain your issue and what you have done in an attempt to resolve it in the dedicated launcher thread where Toolguy and others can help you.

You realize you can get hosting outside of g-portal? I have a fully dedicated box I pay way more than 30$ for and im not having issues with the launcher in “beta”. The only issue I’ve come across lately is the way the game loads assets after restart. Boxes seem to disappear if they are stacked and the game loads the boxes above before the boxes below.