Dedicated Server Launcher Problem

Hello All

I had my server running from pc for a week than I wanted to make new one with AoC and EEWA mod together.Deleted the old servers files and made new modes list in tab and boom it kept saying time out while its downloading mods.I tried even doing everything from bottom with new launcher and such but still it doesnt help.Can anyone give some tips ?

I have heard that this may happen with larger mods. You can upload the mod .pak files from your client to the server since you are downloading them as well when you subscribe to them.

If you are not using the latest version of the launcher, try updating to it.

For further questions, you can use the dedicated launcher thread which is monitored by ToolGuy.

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Thanks a lot for answer.I ll give it a go with newest launcher.

Newest version of launcher didnt help but I manually installed mods and its working.But its still showing process of downloading at steam CMD which makes restarts take longer than normal.I dont know what is wrong I hope devs will figure out.

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