Dedicated server not allowing load in

My own server will not let me join.
This is not affecting other players on my server. Just me.

I reset the server twice. Nothing changed.

Each time I attempt to join my dedicated server, I see the progress bar fill about 90% of the way to full. I hear an audio glitch, as if I just loaded in, but then it boots me back to the main menu screen.
There is an error message at the top of the page that reads: “Pending connection failure. Could not connect to server. Your connection to the host has been lost.”

After this occurs, the server search screen returns a listing of my server but shows there are 10/10 players and a ping of 9999.

When I attempt to log-in, it tells me the server full. But, it is not.

Invites from friends on the server do not work.

I did a hard reset of the Xbox One X.
Reset the router.
Cleared all of my game memory.

Same results.

It’s been 24 hours.

Single Player game loads & works fine.
Official servers load & work fine.

G-Portal responded to my support ticket, saying it is on Funcom’s end:
Finest Customer Support 04.06.2018 - 11:16
yes its rly a problem atm there wil lbe a hotfix today from funcom side to fix this stuff!

Any help would be appreciated.