Dedicated Server - Server FPS flunctuates between 12-30 with only two players

I’ve gotten round to installing Conan Exiles on my Ubuntu dedicated server, and did so by following this guide:

Unfortunately, performance is far worse than just playing coop with my friend through Steam. It constantly jumps down from 30 server fps, the lowest it’s gone to being 12fps, with the ping skyrocketing to 198ms or so.

Am I missing something? Surely performance can’t be that terrible. All we did was fight a camp of exiles by the newbie river, and we were rubberbanding like mad. The NPC enemies weren’t any better, and were juddering about the place.

The only ports open (rest are blocked by firewall) are:

22 TCP (SSH)
27015 UDP (Steam, according to the wiki)
7777 UDP (Conan Exiles default port)

Here is the log for the half hour so that we played:

The server hardware is:
i7 3770k
1Gbit connection
Unlimited bandwidth

For reference, it runs the server for 7 Days To Die perfectly, with double the default number of zombies and animals, with five people playing. It also runs a WoW private server just fine as well. Total CPU usage when running the Conan Exiles server through WINE was 8%.

Any idea on how to solve this issue?

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