Degenerate Event Bug

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE
Region: [US]

After the speech, the Degenerate summons NPCs then he teleported outside the force-shield onto the top steps just in front of his throne, and was halfway into the ground. He then disappears into the ground. The NPC keep summoning until all killed. The combat music will play for about 30 sec then go away. He is gone completely and cannot be harvested to get the item for the Keystone.

  1. Walk inside the Well of Skelos dungeon and a light flashes by the Degenerates throne. He then summons NPC on both sides.
  2. Once he summons the first round of the NPC, he appears on the top steps in front of his throne but half way into the ground.
  3. If he is not killed at this point (while he is stuck in the ground) he disappears and cannot be killed or harvested for the quest item. I can repeat this bug every fight.

This happens to me also.

This has not happened to me, but I’ve seen reports of it before.

Yes and no he does not go into ground he launches out side of the throne room like you latterly kicked him out of his own palace (it’s mine now biatchhhhhhhhhh) :joy: but check out side and he laying somewhere

Also if you on private server check for mods altering that might cause him to sink in case this is problem contact admin and see what he can do

Ps he can spawn the :gem: for you to help out

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