Delays in Sound, Render, Derender (?), and NPC Fight Reaction

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Sound is delayed, delay in resources derendering/breaking, MAJOR delays or complete lack of terrain rendering
Region: Snow/All

System: Xbox One
Connection: Wired, 500-600mb
Game has all updates

When the game first loads, the cut scene stops when the camera zooms in on his eyes. And from then on, the sound is late/no longer on time.

In game, sound occurs late, or sometimes too early - unsure if sometimes this is actually a delay in NPC reaction as I will be standing next to them and there will be a roar like they’re going to attack me, but they don’t move for a few seconds. Sometimes it is the reverse.

The snow biome as a whole either does not load at all or it takes a few minutes of me staying there. The Bridge of the Betrayer so far has not loaded unless I stand in front of it, restart the game, and then it’ll render.

When I break resources, almost exclusively iron and stone, there is a delay in derendering/breaking. There is a delay in sound here as well, like it won’t make the sound that I hit it until a few seconds afterwards and it won’t make the sound that it broke until afterwards too.

Unsure if these should be in separate posts, as they all seem a little related as delays, even if in sound, rendering, and derendering.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
• Start Conan Exiles opening cut scene

• Destroy resource

• Go to bridge of the betrayer

• Go to Snow Biome

• Walk up to NPC

• Anything that creates sound


Haven’t had those issues with the snow region or the bridge. The sound latency, however, has been an issue since the game launched on the console. It’s a persistent bug they’ve had very little interest in actually fixing, probably because they consider it to be purely “cosmetic” in effect.

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@funcom_ignasis @Spynosaur_Nicole Another one :eyes:

Hi @chesirefae, welcome to the forums, does the issue persist after resetting the console cache or performing a full reinstall?

You may reset the console cache by holding the power button for about 10 seconds until the console powers off, then disconnecting it from the power outlet for a couple of minutes, then try loading into your SP session.

If it does persist, would it be possible to provide short video recordings of the issues mentioned?

@Ivor_Bigjuan It’s a necessary step to take prior to registering the issue.

Please do not attempt to derail posts in this section.

You call it derailing, I call it honesty.

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I’ve learnt from my mistakes, I’ll wait for evidence that it works before I start uninstalling/deleting anything especially after wasting hours of my life trying to find solutions for you whilst you all play salesman on twitter. If you don’t know that it definitely works, I’m not being used as Funcom’s Guinea pig again, setup an Xbox account and trial it yourselves for a change. 7 weeks and waiting… This is not normal procedure from a game developer, this is an actual calamity. All for something that most of the Xbox community won’t even be buying because of how the company has treated us, it’s swings and roundabouts as we say in the UK. We love this game, let us play it please.

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