Deletet the wrong char

In the heat of the moment, I deleted the wrong character

it was my pom lvl 50 named Macfaiden
i do really hope you can help me out here

i made a funcom ticket
Funcom Support #1152010

regards Macfaiden

Ps can comeone tag andyb and tamtor for me it will not allow me to tag someone

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@Macfaiden Re-roll a character [different name] and use that to send an in-game /petition as soon as possible. There’s a storm in the USA, and GM’s may not be working or on weekends. Patience is a virtue. Good luck, have fun, and God Bless.

Note: @Everyone Delete button is at the bottom of the page and requires a password to complete.

Important: The character list will change focus between characters [default/auto]. If you decide to delete a character, for your own sake, click the character [focus] followed by the delete button and enter the password without delay. If the focus changes, you will be deleting the wrong character.

that i have done already but thanks :smiley:

ihhh pllzz :smiley: reply soon :smiley: