Demons won't let you get thralls

I apologize if I repeat someone’s question, I did not find a similar topic about demons. The problem is that with the 4th corruption leveling perk on authority, I can’t get a thrall. As soon as I start to stun him, demons come running and kill him. Who solved this problem? Thanks.


Did you try using the Purple Lotus potions to KO thralls? They don’t cause any agro.


No, it doesn’t help.

Demons are jealous like that.

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The best solution is to not use the 4th perk when you hunt thralls. If you are using that perk, you don’t need thralls.

Maybe stupid idea, but that perks should trigger if YOU deal damage.
What if YOUR THRALL does ?

Maybe equip your thrall with a truncheon and have him knock out other guys.
But, again, I never used that perk so I don’t know if this works.

Corrupted perks are s*it to me: absolutely not worthy, unless being perma-corrupted is your plan to use advanced sorceries without having to corrupt yourself first. And even then, I don’t like those perks too much…

Or, precisely, I prefer normal perks most of the time.

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That’s actually one of the worst perks in the game…

Yes, the daemons are ignoring the actions of my thralls.
In general, I got tired of this corruption, dropped everything, and immediately it became better))

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I’m interested to know if this still happens in the current public beta. Truncheons deal zero damage in the latest build and shouldn’t trigger this.

One thing you could do too is take a few thralls outside of the area you are thralling in, equip them with truncheons, and have them guard (not following). Then drag the targets to them. Since they are not following, and do all the work, it shouldn’t trigger the perk.


When I go “Authority” build I never attack anything. I let the thralls do all the work. Thralls knocking out thralls doesn’t make the demons appear.

This perk is rather ill-conceived to the end. It is, of course, funny when during the battle these muzzles appear and begin to help you. But the thralls are distracted by them and begin to attack them, instead of finishing off the opponents together.

Yes, logically, then this problem will be solved.