Deposit all "X" option please

Not sure if this was suggested or not but could we get a deposit all (x) option… for example. Instead of me spamming my controller to deposit stacks of rocks Into my furnace 1 by one… could we have an option to say " deposit all rock". On that same idea… could we possibly get a “drop all X” button… for example… when we do a wood run and want to drop all of our branches… we could have an option to “drop all”. I believe these would be small but meaningful QoL change. @Tascha thank you


Not sure if this is possible on consoles, but on PCs there’s a text search field on the character’s inventory, and an option to Give All. Sadly, we’re in the same state as you when it comes to dropping items, so yeah, a Drop All button would be quite welcome.

BTW, the increased stack size for basic materials will help quite a bit once the patch makes it thru certification and onto the consoles, so that’s at least some silver-lining for you.

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Heck yeah. We are excited for the patch

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So I had an idea that should work on both consoles and PCs, what would you think about this suggestion? Inventory Management Flags

I like it but I have learned that funcom doesnt give a s***. End of story

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