Inventory Management Flags

While the Vault and Dismantling Bench help to some extent with consolidating inventory management tasks (i.e. dump everything in, sort it later), I think there’s an opportunity to improve things further.

I’d much rather be able to flag certain items as:

  • Never Loot or Harvest
  • Never Give or Drop
  • Mark as Junk

Since massive changes to the code and user interface are less likely to see implementation, I’ll try to keep these simple…

Here are example of how I envision these working:

Never Loot or Harvest
When viewing our inventory, we see that we have 100 stacks of Cochineals because we were harvesting wood in the volcano. Since we only care about the wood, we click on one of the Cochineal stacks and from the “More” button select “Never Loot or Harvest”. While we still need to manually clear all the little red bugs our of our inventory this time, as we continue chopping up the red trees, we find that we’re now collecting only wood, and that the Cochineals are being left in loot bags on the ground.

Furthermore, when we open a loot bag, we’re able to manually pick-up Cochineals if we choose, but they would remain on in the loot bag if we used the Loot All function. In this way, we retain the ability to be more selective, say if we need to pick-up a single stack to make red dye.

To undo the option to never loot/harvest, we would just manually pickup a stack of the item in question, then click More and select “Loot / Harvest”

Never Give or Drop
After staggering back to base from a long night of dominating and conquering, we just want to stuff everything into storage and go to bed. We roll up to the vault, click Give All and sign-off. The next day, we’re scratching our head wondering where our torches, repair kits, arrows, and everything that wasn’t nailed-down in a hotbar slot went. Slowly it dawns on us that it’s all in the freakin’ vault.

After we’ve retrieved all our gear, we click each piece of important gear in turn and click More > “Never Give / Drop”. We repeat this for our armor, weapons, waterskin, arrows, etc.

Now the next time we hit our vault and select Give All, the spoils of New Asagarth go in, but our stacks of snake arrows, weapon repair kits, and torches stay in our inventory where they belong. Much easier to find we have a couple extra torches now (because Never Give/Drop works on all items of the same name, not a specific item or stack) than having to sift 10 pieces of gear back out of the vault.

Mark as Junk
Back at lower levels, walking away from the Black Galleon with a backpack full of cutlasses and falchions was a great way to outfit thralls on a budget; same thing a bit higher in level when raiding New Asagarth. Yet by level 60, we’re apt to prefer outfitting our thralls more selectively.

Of course, now that we have a Dismantling Bench, we don’t want to just leave behind weapons and armor that could be turned into hardened steel bars, so we loot it all for recycling.

However, being savvy and knowing that we’re always going to want to recycle the Vanir’s prize possessions, we click on the hardened steel sword, click More, and select Mark as Junk. We do the same with the Vanir Settler outfits, etc. Now, any time we pickup a hardened steel sword or furry vest, they are automatically flagged as being junk.

This does a few things:

  • When we press the More button, we will see an option reading “Drop All Junk”, which will drop everything we’ve marked as junk to a lootbag at our feet.
  • When we perform a Give All at a chest or vault, items marked as junk do not get transfered, but stay in our inventory.
  • When we are at the Dismantling Bench, we will see a new button below our character’s inventory that reads, “Give All Junk”. When we click it, all the items that were marked as junk get transferred over and the magic of recycling beings.

Visual Cues
To help players understand this and to remember choices they’ve made, I’d recommend some visual cues to indicate what flag has been set on each type of item. Since there are already indicator icons for what type of kits we’ve applied to weapons, and different-colored backgrounds, there’s at least a precedent (and existing code) to leverage here.

  • Never Loot / Harvest: Add a little red X in the corner, and make it look greyed-out.
  • Never Give / Drop: Add a yellow pair of crossed swords in the corner, and put a gold border around the inventory tile. Preferably, items with this distinction would be grouped together at the top of the character’s inventory no matter what sorting method was used, similar to how when you’re at a crafting bench, flawless and exceptional items are group together ahead of the standard items.
  • Mark as Junk: Add a little green recycling symbol in the corner, and make it look greyed-out:



Very well thought out. I would love something like that. Only game I have ever seen such a thing is modded minecraft. I for one would support and love to see something like this implemented.

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