Destinys Edge - Fresh Wipe 12/18 - PVP Weekend Raiding - 300 LVLS/AOC/EEWA/DarkWoods/Sky Island + The Best Mods

Great server great admins
The admins are very nice and helpful and I enjoy playing on this server

Amazing admins truth and postal are the best admins i have ever met… the server is top notch… so far a great experience with the boy’s any new players are welcome to join Dragons Den when they join.

Cool server, good mods, chill people. Does the job well.

Very solid PVP server with great mods that all mesh well together for the best experience possible, Hope to see more people on the server, awesome community i hope to see more people come be apart of this.

I really enjoy playing on the server, enough said :slight_smile:

Great server great admins good PVP server with quality of life mods

Active admins, active community. Good control of mod problems. Good server uptime. I love max lvl 300 :slight_smile:

I’ve played here since Picking Conan back up agen with the new map And I love all the mods Here with active events and The admins witch seem to be around witch is a big Plus, Lots of friendly people play here. And I love the marketplace that has been set up here.

As someone who has never played modded servers before, I am enjoying myself on Destiny’s Edge! The community seems loyal, and always active. The admins are helpful, and quick to respond. I also like how there isn’t raiding every day, as I work way too much, I don’t have time to constantly defend my base, so this is definitely a great server for that! The admins also play, as a player who likes to … ‘borrow’ things without asking, I can say that they haven’t spawned in anything either, and they just want to have fun like everyone else. All in all, I would recommend playing here. Come check it out!

Been on this server and with this community for about 4 or 5 months now. The community is pretty solid. Some players come and go as is typical with these games, but the admins do their best to make everything as fair and balanced as possible. The mods are great and the admin hosted events bring some additional incentive to engage with the community. Great place to come learn the game and compete with people that do so respectfully (for the most part) :slight_smile:

For a conan exiles server this one is not bad, pvp is as balanced as it probably can be. To be clear gather is 3x on some things but picking is 1.5x. Exp is at 3x. Admins have been fair so far. If you like conan exiles and mods this server can be fun.


We appreciate all of the feedback and are very glad you guys are enjoying the server so much. It’s only going to keep getting better as we add and tweak more things to create the most complete Conan PVP experience.



This is hands down one of the if not thee best server i have found…The Owner keeps everything fresh and is always there for help and open to suggestions which is awsome.


Thank you all very much for your feedback Humbled

All around solid server. I have been having fun here. players are good admins are good so all around Highly Recommended.


Been playing here for a couple of weeks now. I’m really enjoying all of the modded content, and it seems like they add more and more each day. Admin has been pretty helpful. Overall, 10/10 experience so far.