Destinys Edge - Fresh Wipe 12/18 - PVP Weekend Raiding - 300 LVLS/AOC/EEWA/DarkWoods/Sky Island + The Best Mods

Fun server, rates are awesome, pvp weekends are amazing especially for people who work weekday. And every helps out new players like me. Deff gonna continue playing!


Never been a fan of modded servers, but I am less than 24 hours into this server and Iā€™m IN LOVE already! :smiley: Great server so far! And seems like a good community of gamers!

Loving this server so far, lots of fun mods and community seems solid and active!

Love this server. This is how the game should have been released for people with a life


Super fun server so far .

Great server, Best Mods, Major Fun! New user so I can not upload images.

Awesome server, good mods and PvP rules

Amazing server! been playing non stop. Mods are very helpful and active.

Really good server and the mods are awesome

Awsome server, great community. Mods are good and balanced. Keep it up guys!!

We have now added sky island to the server, opening up a whole new land mass for players to explore.




Best server I have played yet, attentive admins and community is competitive but not toxic thus far.

This server is awesome! Been having lots of fun here, highly recommend it, come join us!

Age of calamitous has now been added to the server for everyone to explore :slight_smile: