Destroyable NPC bases?

Had a suggestion on reddit, perhaps its better suited here:

@Funcom -> Have you considered creating in-game NPC bases made out of destroyable materials?

As a casual gamer and freshly baked dad there is less and less time for gaming(read: grinding for materials). The thing that I miss in the game now is the ability to enter a full scale war with trebuchet and explosive jars without starting a clan-war on the server.

How NPC bases could work:

  1. NPC bases could be in their own small landscapes to prevent performance issues for the rest of the server.
  2. NPC bases could respawn/rebuild only a few times a week to prevent grinding exploit.
  3. Make small NPC-camps that is possible for only one man to destroy
  4. Make large NPC-bases for clans to destroy
  5. Some NPC bases could be so hard to destroy that we have to make alliances with other clans to destroy the base.
  6. To destroy the different NPC bases could be a quest. Maybe collect a significant item for the Conan story.
  7. The NPC bases could be built out of the different DLC building materials to show of the diversity that already is in the game.
  8. Attacking an NPC base could end up in a counter attack -> Purge
  9. This could both work on PvP and PvE servers.
  10. None of the above is new features. It’s existing features put in system.

I would love to see this on the official servers (and not as a mod) as it would give me an initiative to grind and build again!

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There is a mod trying to do something like this. Hostile Worlds, the mod author is on version 6 now. In the past, in previous older versions of Exiles, the mod author I think had somewhat working buildings. But from what I understand, new developments made things tricky so the author started over.

A poseble next step on apurge system after they have made the purge to day work perfect.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea so long as it scaled to active players. Single player would be possible while servers would have more difficulty in respects to number of players attacking or lurking about looking for loot.

@Jens_Erik - what do you think of the suggestions above? Is it hope :pray: :star_struck:

Personally I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but unfortunately I think it’s beyond our current scope for the game.


Yes i se it more as a poseble coming step in the line on purge progres but its som jobb to do.

To keep it in line of OPs avatar…
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So you’ll be increasing the current scope of the game, right? A new, bigger, brighter future for Conan Exiles?

Disappointing if something like this is currently beyond the scope of the game. CE is still missing good end game play.

I got the game at a decent discount so I wouldn’t mind buying a reasonably priced expansion to have what feels like a complete game.

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Evidence based retaliation would be what I would be looking for in this case. If the base leader knows our location, then they will hit it. If not, they won’t or they may even hit another base instead of us, if they misinterpreted anything vital.

Only if the host has the DLCs and from the server settings they have allowed any mix of them to spawn.

Could work. However, lately I’ve noticed that I would be glad if I had the ability to destroy npc bases just to build something there. There are so many places that I would want to utilise for this purpose. Sadly they are preoccupied.

These could be moving (sort of migrating) bases that happen from time to time and would require a temporary allegiance of power to be dealt with. With scaling time frame, these events would provide a nice challenge. When the timer’s up, alliance is broken and we have to deal with not only the event npc base, but the now-hostile clans as well if we fail to deliver the finishing blow within the time frame. Maybe up the event threat level a notch too.

Those servers with huge clans could spawn these for them. Maybe make these scale based on the power of each clan and then just randomly pick one of them as a target.

Same thing here except the opposite to pursuit. Any big enough clan would not even get close while a single silent enough ninja would be able to destroy the establishment from inside out. Maybe diplomacy and betrayal could be added to diversify the pool of experience. Get in thorough politics and get out with guns blazing, so to speak.

Would be good if roleplaying admins could also spawn them at will, in some fair way. For example I would not be happy if my fresh town square suddenly had a Darfari camp appear in the middle of it from nowhere.

I’m good with the way Destiny and Destiny 2 were made when it came to loading the landscape and props. The bubbles were connected via a tunnel and along this tunnel the bubble on the front was loaded while the other behind us was unloaded.

The devs explicitly said in one of the updates that all assets in NPC bases, palisades, cages, etc, would now be indestructible in order to improve the loading efficiency of the game.

I need a new reason to enter this awesome game and start grinding again. Is it hope for some new content, e.g Destroyable NPC bases? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

…or at least relocatable. :smile: