Convert abandoned player bases into NPC bases

Content has always been consumed faster than it can be produced (even procedurally)…

So what happens if you turn consumption into production?

Dynamic content! Emergent Gameplay!

Converting abandoned player bases into NPC bases offers unique and fun experiences. I’d imagine all it takes is to swap the quitters clan into an NPC clan, and enable PvP. All pre-existing thralls revert to their “wild form” while still donning all the given gear, but revert their loot tables to their native ones.

Players get to be the purge, and Trebuchets will have a point in PvE.

I am aware that PvP offers this exact experience, but I don’t want to fight hackers. Nor do I want to be an ■■■■■■■ towards another sentient being.

One could argue that it’s a bit OP to be able to capture all armorers and blacksmiths in existence from an elite players base, but one must also realize that one will be up against thralls who wear lost legion armor, and wield legendary weapons.

You + Your thrall, versus an army of uber thralls. It’s a unique end-game raiding dungeon.

And that abandoned loot Pinata of a base will be a community event, where all players on the server will combine forces to crack it open, so even though it’s filled with loot, there will be a bit for everyone.

Not too OP IMHO.

And just imagine, new players will immidiately have dynamic content at their disposal - other players having left their supplies behind, each abandoned base telling a story.

A special thanks to @Larathiel and @Mikey for the inspiration and suggestion at my other thread:

I decided to start this as a new thread because most people don’t read past the first post or title.


Thanks for starting this up as a new topic, I’m glad you liked the suggestion. :blush:

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I like this idea, and it would make the decay system into a fun game mechanic. Make people work for the best building spots.

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Excellent idea, npcs would move in the building, and the first player who manage to kill them, gets the controll of the base then it decides if keep or demolish

Donnoh if that’s fun in the logn run, having to refresh so many bases, let alone own everything on the map. That’s a bit off-putting to new players.

Better if base is more than 50% destroyed and all NPC’s killed or captured, base then decays, but if less than 50% destroyed, and NPC still there, then NPC’s there tame new animals, but base stays in disrepair.

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