Developer Q/A Recap: The Cursed Sands Discord Server Birthday Event

In my opinion, avatars have been added to play a balancing role, preventing ruling clans from becoming invincible.
Could other solutions have been adopted? Of course, it all depends on the type of gameplay you want.
For example, on private servers avatars are not necessary, because the balance is guaranteed by the limitations and rules of the servers.

This concept of religions as a weapon, is redundant and concerns the gameplay and lore set by Funcom on the official servers, Funcom decides to add the avatars and makes Conan say that they are not real gods, why?
Because Conan worships Crom and Crom is the source of his “natural” willpower and all sorcery is evil? This is the consideration of the sorcery in Howard’s works, but this is not applicable for the balancing of a game.
If I want to play a necromancer, the game has to let me have the same possibilities as a barbaric warrior, but on a different path, but this is not lore-friendly!

So I don’t know how Funcom wants to add magic, after all, as they added the avatars, they can come up with anything.
Magic and supernatural beings, and therefore the worship offered to them, are one thing, but anyone who has the license can do whatever he wants, including avatars, a D&D style magic-science, or at last Spider-man and Conan together (Marvel).

Many players want a magic system like the one from Skyrim, instead, other players want a lore-friendly magic system. What I hope is that Funcom will implement some sorcery new mechanic, so modders could create more variants based on a vanilla system, then everyone will play the lore he prefers.

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And also because they look awesome and fun, and that can help sell the game. :smiley:

Honestly, I wish there was some PVE use for avatars, since I don’t play on PVP servers. I always envy PVP players for having a compelling reason to do something that looks so fun.

Yeah, I know, “if you think it’s fun, why not just do it”. I never said I wasn’t a messed up person :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the latter group. I’d love to see a Lovecraftianesque sorcery system in Conan Exiles. I really don’t want this to be yet another “fireball pew pew” game :smiley:

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Yes, avatars are great, their concept is too, maybe they can be used in a different way, making them a little less “definitive”, I don’t know.
I see them as special summons, perhaps making them smaller, although a good part of their appeal is their size.
However, a way to recycle them on PVE as well I’m sure can be found. :smiley:

yes, I didn’t mean to say that, because many like fireballs that make wizards become a kind of plasma cannons, along with OP weapons that make them superheroes, indeed, I don’t think Marvel is crazy, unfortunately, many players love these things :confused:
I hope Funcom will not take that into account …

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Honestly, I wish there was some PVE use for avatars, since I don’t play on PVP servers. I always envy PVP players for having a compelling reason to do something that looks so fun.

That is exactly how I feel about trebuchets.


And this is how I feel about the pve decorations…I wish they had some sort of PVP use. Avatars, Trees and jars are the 9nly in game items that are geared for pvp. So I hope FC never bastardizes them into another pve pure content.

You realize that decorations aren’t a pve thing, right?

Uh, that’s kind of a weird take on what I said. I simply said I wish they had an additional use, one that PVE players could enjoy. I don’t know, something like a quest or dungeon or whatever, where you get to summon an avatar to complete it.

They kinda had a use when NPC settlements were destructible. Both Avatars and Trebs could tear down their buildings and barricades. But sometime after Early Access they removed that. I believe to aid with server performance.

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Tip: if you start a sentence with “in my opinion”, you will never be wrong! :slight_smile:

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