I don't believe sorcery is good update to have

Then this game starts to become some runescape/archeage genre game. I like Conan exiles because it just an archaic game. I don’t believe sorcery is worth all the wait/hype. I think having quests, more interactable npcs, natural disasters, the other suggestions I mentioned. So we just start making potions and casting spells? This is what we have been waiting for for several months?


I don’t know how you think adding sorcery will turn this into a grindfest mmo but ok

We already can lmao


OK so, I am definitly against adding sorcery to the game myself so understand where I am coming from in that regard. I agree with in in that aspect, adding sorcery is not going to solve anything and has a massive chance to completely ruin a great number of things including pvp balance (if there is such a thing), gear balance (again if there is such a thing), and a whole list of other problems (to many particle effects will destroy server performance on their already existing overloaded servers [looking at you G-Portal]).

I agree. See what I posted above.

More quests? :heavy_check_mark: More interactable npcs? :heavy_check_mark: Natural disasters? Not sure what you mean by that to be honest, more details would be required. And I have no idea what “other suggestions I mentioned” mean.

Well, we have been making potions since early access sooo… :woman_shrugging:
I already stated my point in the beginning about casting spells and the issues I have with it.

Now, technically they already added sorcery years ago when they added the Witch Doctor feat so I really don’t get why people are all “BUT THEY PROMISED US SORCERY”. Well, promise fulfilled already. Just because it’s not Wold of Warcraft or DnD sorcery doesn’t mean they didn’t add it (and they had really better not do so).

We have been waiting for 3.0 for several months. We do NOT know what is in 3.0. We can speculate all we want, but we DO NOT KNOW what is in it until the devs tell us, and they are not going to tell use until they release it. So no, this is now what we have been waiting for, we are only waiting for the update whatever that update may bring.


Ceronesthes does a good job of explaining why people see Conan as grindy. If you havent watched his Youtube video, basically is boils down to this: The amount of time to level up, grind material for a base, grind the material for end tier weapons, grind the material for end game armor vs grinding bombs to raid is incredibly off balance. Sure you can pvp and raid without high end gear, but we all know if you want to win, you need the best of the best. Thats why you dont often see people in cloth armor with stone swords beating Siptah builds. The grind is there.

Taken way out of context and you know it. Heres what Mkishtarkorra said:

“This is what weve been waiting for for several months” <— context.

I am excited for a new update to bring me back to the game. If the update is largely magic based, it most likely will not.

But we just have to wait and see what they bring to the game, every major update has, for me, reinvigorated the game. So here’s hoping to that again.

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I don’t disagree with some of the other things you’ve said in you OP. But I do want to address what I quoted. Quest and interactive NPCs… I can tell you most of you who say you want this, actually don’t care. In my experience running Pippi, I’ll get players saying they want interactable NPCs, more quests, more story, more flavor, etc.

Well here’s the issue. When running Pippi and spending the time making quests and NPCs, we get to see how many of those things the players bother to interact with. Its less than 5-10% of the playerbase. Unless you MAKE them interact with these things, 9 times out of 10, they won’t.

In my time playing online multiplayer games over the last 25 years, I’ve seen a variety of different ways of doing quests and interactions. I’ve made various different versions of quests on about 4 different Conan Servers by now. And each time is the same. Players just won’t bother.

Not unless you force them to. Such as a quest that has to be done to unlock something they want. Give them a substantial item, or some other carrot or stick approach. My game design philosophy is usually when designing a feature or content that something needs to be changed if its something players won’t do without a reward. Either redesign it until they do, or cut it.

Great example is Super Mario Bros. 3. Everyone knows about the warp whistles that allow you to skip Worlds 3-7. But players still go back and play those because they are fun. There is no reward, no special ending, no advantage from doing those worlds over skipping. Just fun.

Quests aren’t fun. Think about that. No one goes and fetches things for NPCs or kills 10 boars unless they are getting something in return. Currency, exp, or some item. Lacking those, there’s no point. The only exception are for those who want to read dialogue.

When I was younger, I didn’t mind the engaging RPG. I played many of the early Final Fantasies, and enjoyed the golden era of the RPG during the 1990s. I even played the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games and enjoyed those. But nowadays I prefer to play my games, and when I want to read a story, I buy a book or use my kindle.

When it comes to my video games, and definitely Conan Exiles:

I don’t think we need a drastic amount of NPCs that we talk to added. I’m perfectly fine with killing or enslaving most NPCs I meet.

As for natural disasters. I definitely wouldn’t mind various types of storms and such to add some variety to the game. Maybe make the sandstorms matter again, rather than neutralizing them with a simple helmet.

Sorcery can be fine in CE as long as it isn’t Dungeons and Dragons style magic. Just about every REH Conan story has some form of magic, supernatural, or technology (that appears as magic) that can be drawn from for inspiration. And if kept that inspiration, it won’t ruin the theme of the game.

All of which takes much less time than the Gloomingdeep Mine tutorial in Everquest (which you’ll finish around level 10, and have 100 levels to go). I would know, I’ve done this in both games in the last month.

While I do not approve of the RNG associated with Siptah (RNG doesn’t belong in Conan Exiles IMO, as difficulty and complexity could enforce the rarity instead). The amount of grind in Conan is very light.

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If it’s turned into high fantasy with everybody shooting fireballs at each other like they were throwing candy, then yeah, that would not be good.

But I can certainly get behind something more than the “technically sorcery” Witch Doctor. In fact one thing I’d personally like to see is something like the Spellweaving mechanic from Age of Conan. It’s powerful and visually impressive, but using it involves a lot of risk. Really doubt you’d be seeing people using it everywhere all the time simply because it would be too dangerous for them to do so. I mean, come on. One of the last things you want to do in PvP is nail your own feet to the ground so you can’t move.


There is already some discount sorcery in the game.
While this one has no desire for an equipable fireball spell that uses bat skin and dung as ammunition…
More growth along the animated corpses would be nice. Perhaps some summoned demons like the Tchoo Tchoo on Siptah.
A psychic projection ritual to let one move around in “ghost” mode, while the body sits inactive and vulnerable, hedged out by God bubbles ect…
Perhaps a potion to enable temporary flight, don’t be in the air when it expires.
Or just more uses for demon blood and corruption.

Also, this one is in that small slice who enjoys plot and npc interaction. Not certain “quests” are the best way to describe this, but event keyed interactions are enjoyable. Then again, we still don’t have the Mummy of the Ring so…

Also, there are several areas on the Exiled Lands maps that seem like obvious spots where something is supposed or going to be. Would that count as more story?


There is a reason for years the game was referred to as Age of Casters, because from a PvP balance perspective if you could cast spells, even though you had to “nail your own feet to the ground” in order to cast you still dominated PvP. That’s just how it was.

If they do Conan magic right then it won’t be. The world of Conan doesn’t have people throwing fireballs. It’s mostly ritual based magic. The most powerful wizard in the land can turn water into wine after a 12 hour ritual and a human sacrifice.

The main concern is that the Devs have openly shown favor toward the AoC mod. If they do add magic and they make it like AoC magic then it will absolutely ruin the game and it’s tenuis balance.

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Where does this come from? From everything I have read over the years seems exactly the opposite. Lore comes first for good or bad.


Gportal still sucks, but particle rendering is client side. Not really a server problem.

Just people being hyperbolic because Funcom has shared AoC stuff on Twitter a few times. Not sure when people are going to accept that Joel would have to okay any change, and he is very against anything non lore these days. But, probably never. Easier to just be hyperbolic.


When you compare the grind for end game weapons and armor vs the grind for explosives and raiding, it is off balance. Thats all I was getting at. Yes, Ill agree there are way more grindy games then Conan.

Conan Exiles is a game based on Conan intellectual property, and the core of that are R. E. Howard’s stories about Conan. Those stories are what started the literary genre called “sword-and-sorcery fantasy”.

The reason I mention this is because it’s not just “sword fantasy”. Sorcery – and the supernatural in general – is an important element of Howard’s stories.

The problem is that when someone says “sorcery” these days, most people automatically assume we’re talking about D&D-derivative flash-bang-boom throw-fireballs-around kind of sorcery. There’s no reason why it has to be like that at all.

I’m all for adding more sorcery to Conan Exiles. And I say “more”, because we already have sorcery in it, and quite a lot of it.

Don’t believe me? Go take a look at the recipes available in the Alchemist’s Bench. Sure, you can say that Demon-Fire Orb is just chemistry, but what about Breath of Dagon, or Potion of Bestial Memory, or Potion of Midnight, or Oil of Bounty? What about raising your own skeletons and wights and other undead pets?

When you use a map room to teleport to an obelisk, what do you call that? When you awake the Staff of Triumvirate, what do you call that? When you jump into the Well of Skelos, what do you call that?

Yes, there’s sorcery already in the game, and I trust that the devs can add more without turning this into a fireball fest.


They have to get a drink called fireball just to mess with people.


Cimmerian Cart Explosive? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It comes from the Dev streams where they mentioned mods they like. One of which being AoC. They have not added anything “yet” that looks like it’s from AoC. I am merely expressing concern that they might. Given they have shown the mod favorer in the past.

I thought Joel got moved over to work on the new Dune IP?

We just wanna have fun… comparing Conan to Runescape/Archeage doesn’t make any sense in this case. If we compare one game to another in your logic they shouldn’t have made characters as well since Runescape has them too.

If they don’t stuff like cars and skyscraper window DLC I’m totally fine with new add ons.

That depends on efficiency of the current player build and maybe where your base is located. Leveling toons takes up a lot of grind. I’ve converted 20 at once. They were all dead after I leveled them. I don’t have the time to keep doing that with that result.

Adding grind to remove the RNG is okay. I’m sure there is better.