How easy Sorcery is to added to this game

Copy the spell list from the classes Necomancer and Demonologist Age of Conan Unchained minus element,Aoe and range spells. Update the graphics. Oh look sorcery for Conan Exiles.

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lol Right! get some

They stated they needed a proper artist for the design of sorcery. My solution is use Age of Conan unchained designs with updated graphics.


Sometimes I think it would be simpler to go full fantasy and add fire/frost/lightning magic.
But I find your suggestion valid too!

They can’t add those spells. Bows are weak on purpose.

Lol. Ya, no, that’s not how game development works people.


Tired of waiting for Necomancery that will never come.

Still doesn’t change the fact you can’t copy and paste and snap your fingers and make something happen like you think it does. Otherwise, you could grab flying dragons out of the ark dev kit and make them fly in Conan also. You can be inpatient all you want, what you think is possible simply isn’t.

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You’re talking to a Preorder player.

Don’t talk about waiting to me.

My 65 bucks help fund the dam game.

I see 3 DLC and 1 Major update.

I see a DLC release same day as Major update.

They should focus on the Major updates before DLC.

They made thier cost in less than a month of the release.

Update us.

If they had time for dlc than they had time for Major updates.


Sure thing Bryan, now that they have seen the solution I am sure we will have Sorcery next week.

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If only.

“Let us loose, so our enemies can die in fear of our Magic.”

Adresses me by my proper name.

Archlich Bryan Skull.

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I now hope they never add sorcery.

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They have already stated it will be part of the next big patch. In fact the new graphic artist show cased his work with the Halloween event.


Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy!!! How come they did not think of this before!!! Copy/paste codes from AoC to CE, I mean, FC created both ganes right? So its easy cake to copy/paste things from a game to another, no big deal at all, for sure it will work just by that!!! So simple!

They should hire you to work for them! Brilliant!!! :roll_eyes:

Inless its over top like Dragons Dogma… meh. I’m spoiled =p

Enemy Ai needs a major boost if there gonna allow range as a go to.

Conan’s IP is riddled with sorcery but often not the high fantasy stuff. It would require a lot of reagents and even the Magic seen as benign would still have horrible drawbacks.

Often corruption…which would be a big deal would weaken the bodies of the users. The more corrupt the person the more powerful the rituals.

Usually these were summoning rituals or Necromancy. Sure some people could channel demonfire. But quite rarely. The summons were quite taxing as well.

If it is tied to the corruption system a true sorcerer would not be able to toe to toe with most warriors. They would be eviscerated.

That being said. The magic in AOC was ok. I played a non pet Necromancer. It was fun. But not fitting here.

Magic should take a long time to build. For sieges it could be interesting.

Again. The more corrupt the more powerful. Thus entertainers could wipe the corruption away if you wanted to go back to being a warrior. And slowly build back the corruption when you want to be a ritualist.

The Set trainer eludes to sorcery. Mainly summoning magic.

Overall I don’t want people hurling lighting from their finger tips. But they might call lightning down from the sky after using a timed ritual. Damage would break the concentration of the spell. Thus causing it to fizzle out.

It would be hard to cast a spell if you have an arrow or a axe in your back

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You’re still in about this Brian? So many things more important in this game than sorcery that need work. I hope they never implement it, it’s not needed.

I agree with you there some pressing issues like optimisation and bug fixing but I am pretty sure that these are separate teams who work on both of these simultaneously. (Honestly speaking, I think fixing bugs can sometimes be harder to do programming wise compared to creating new content.) Personally, I look forward to any content as long as it runs as smooth as possible.
Anyways, I wish the best to both teams and hope for some success for both, as it will benefit us all.

I am losing faith since Single Player I can’t scroll down now.

If they can make dlc fast then Full Major updates should be no problem.