Now that UE4 has a free dynamic magic system

Perhaps their system can be weaved into Conan’s player class? Cuz I see that tornado attack fit in with Conan lore. (Sandstorm sorcery)


Nonononono, this is not how sorcery in the Conan universe works at all.

Also this.
Switching to a different version would require extensive recoding, wich is not gonna happen.

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Haven’t checked lately, but as far as I know, yes.

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10/10 would pull a Palpatine on @Cauthey with the lighting hands.


Ah well. Guess no fun kind of sorcery then. I’m happy with bouncy boobs and greatswords.

1 thousand virgins must be sacrificed to your altar to do such sorcery things… find the virgins first in exile land and we talk after :smirk:

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Hui thats really cool.
Its a pitty its for UE 4.20 and above. The Conan Exiles Devkit is using UE 4.15 which isnt compatible to this.

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Wow, I wish they could implement not only this magic system (not the fireballs of course) but all those physics and smooth movements and animations, it looks so well polished. Damn, even this thing that look likes a prototype have sheathed weapons.

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Do it!!


Imagine a modder implements this magic combat system as Conan Exiles mod, server replication, animation and all and sends this as a job application resume to Funcom.

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Yeah. Sorcerers required extensive rituals, sarifices and stuff to do anything meaningful, including summoning creatures, binding them to their will, remote paralyzing, shapeshifting, etc. There’s really only one case of a wizard throwing a fireball in the original Howard books among quite a few people who had perused the Book of Skelos. And one telekinetic heart removal surgery.

But Natohk (in Black Colossus) threatened Conan with a scorpion. Xaltotun (Hour of the Dragon) struck him down with a paralyzing curse from afar. Nabonidus (Rogues in the House) tried to use a mechanical trap. Salome (A Witch Shall Be Born) summoned a Japanese tentacle monster. Zogar Sag (Beyond the Black River) summoned and controlled animals. Tascela (Red Nails) renewed her youth and strength with human sacrifices. Tsotha-lanti (Scarlet Citadel) used a poison ring to capture Conan. People of the Black Circle (People of the Black Circle) used a lock of the Vendhyan King’s hair to slowly slay him with a voodoo-like ritual. Etc.


Yes, magic in Conan is a lot more ritualistic then actual spells.
And for sure there are no immediatly cast spells.

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For immediate casting, sorcerors prepared alchemical powders and things like Tsotha-Lanti’s poison ring, so that the effects look magical, but where actual just chemistry.

After all, when Tsotha-Lanthi used the ring, it just looked like a simple touch to any onlookers.

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Exactly. Magic was potentially very powerful in the Hyborian Age, but powerful magic was very time-consuming and taxing to even the strongest sorcerers. Xaltotun, the Acheronian lich, himself said that “necromancy is not accomplished by the waving of a wand”, and when he tried to summon a rainstorm to flood the river Conan’s army wanted to cross, he didn’t even know his spell had failed until muggle scouts came to tell him what they had seen.

Natohk used some magnesium-like explosive alchemical powder in Black Colossus to great effect, wiping out the Khorajan heavy cavalry. The greater magic was in the flying demonic chariot he rode while sprinkling the powder (and even the demon turned out to be a jerk who abandoned its master).

Many sorcerers, when they had little time to prepare their magics, used tricks and prestidigitation that seemed like magic to the uninformed onlooker. Nabonidus “must have been centuries ahead of his generation, to perfect such an invention” - some wielders of the dark arts were also scientists of great skill. And then they get killed by a chair-throwing barbarian.


Throwable chairs confirmed. Due to PvP concerns they take 124425252 hours to get and do 1 damage on hit.

And resets the user’s attributes upon use, due to CheatEngine hack on Infinity Stamina and Infinite Range.

Chair skill being level 50, so hacker needs 1 second to re-skill himself using a macro, to use the chair for another ranged attack. Good balancing.

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