Wizards and Warlocks

It would be easy enough to reskin some thralls with some magical capabilities. Giving them like maybe 3 spells. Do different spells for maybe like 5 wizards. Make them difficult to find and a pain to knock out and double the wheel time to break. That would suffice for magic in my opinion. Conan wasn’t a sorcerer or wizard, so there shouldn’t be a player class for it. I would do 2 simple spells an one stronger damage spell per wizard with a timer of sorts before they can do it again. Or something like a special food or drink to perform spells or book of knowledge to create for said wizards to use spells. And equip them like a sword or shield. Maybe a staff of lightning bolts that has to be recharged or wand etc. You get my drift. But only for NPC’s to use unless you decide to give players a way to learn to use a few wizard items too.

since magic missiles keep gettin shot down i did a lil lore research and found that “the white hand” was a part alien race that was really tall and magical. i agree they could play as a support role thrall casting status effects like stun, itd also fit lore to have them summon demons or somethin too.

I think that conan allready has magick. The point of the game is to be barbaric and to fight like one. Wizzard fight is more sophisticated and far more strategic. I am sorry but i believe that the magick in conan must exist to help you fight more barbarick, as it is right now.

It looks like there is sth in the game :wink:

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Wasn’t Vathis always labeled something like that in the Admin panel? Still, there are definitely new entries there.

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