Revisit Sorcery

I was pretty vamped to hear that sorcery was going to be in game. The fact you get debuffed to balance out your ill feigned powers I felt was unique in the Conan universe. I honestly hope Funcom revisits it.

NOTE: we are all used to the fact, teleporters and buff pots are what we would consider, or have agreed upon that is what sorcery is. However, it is not, lol.

At the present schedule, I’m hoping to see some tests on sorcery around May-June of next summer (2019). I know the devs are wanting to add it, but there’s a few other priorities to get to before that happens.

I’ve actually made a post about this in another thread that specifies what kind of sorcery i’d like to see and several people have agreed.

I’d like to hear what you think and see if you have anything to add to it. I was pretty hyped as well for sorcery and was really disappointed when they weren’t able to add it this year but hopefully it will be happening soon enough.

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