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Good day) I think many would like to see in the game the magical abilities of the character they play. Can we hope to add magic to the game? It would be nice to see such an opportunity in the game. For example, as the main parameters of the “Strength” type, only for example “Fire Magic” (or similar). Where each pumped point would give, for example, the range to the flight of a fireball, the ignition of the enemy after being hit by a fireball, etc.

There is nothing in the lore of Robert E. Howard that would suggest that anyone would be hurling around fireballs like that. Magic in Hyboria is now what it is in Middle Earth or in Hogwarts. Plus, there are currently open threads on this subject already, there is no reason to create yet another one.


Sorry, I didn’t seem to see this topic.

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Yeah it looks like it got pushed down a bit but here I’ll link it for you so you can have a read.

Where is sorcery?


A wizard style magic system would be something you would find in mods. Such as the Age of Calamitous. That is not very accurate to the Conan lore though, and thus not likely to be seen in the official game.

A sorcery system that is lore accurate (as linked by Oduda) was initially planned in the very early days of 2017, but has long been on the cutting room floor.


When magic will come???



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