Developer Stream Recap: June 21st, 2022

Hmmmm, a lot to come I say :wink:.
Nonetheless, they ain’t going to be useless :man_shrugging:.

This would make sense.

Perhaps we are both getting old @Barnes, because you and wife are certainly not the only ones. And to add a sense of irony here, my partner was also just as confused by concept as yourself and your wife. And truth be told, I had actually considered reaching out to you in a PM over the coming weekend to see if you could help explain some of the finer details which I was still a little sketchy on. Well perhaps we still can help each other nut it out. :smiley: Although I was a little surprised by this revelation, as I though this may have been another ‘me’ problem. The reason being that I do not play online, or online games, so examples such as CoD and Fortnite were lost on me and utterly abstract. My games are almost exclusively offline singleplayer Survival Horror games. Couple that with my poor track record and abilities to comprehend technology, and I felt this was just my own lack of understanding.

While there was some initial trepidation surrounding the battle pass on my part, I feel that this has now settled a good bit into open mindedness and optimism.


By the way, this was posted on Twitter (you need to click on the link (where it says Twitter) to see the video). Shows the actual building system in a short video presentation.


Multiple Savegames in 3.0?

Was anything said about (finally) implementing a way (from the UI) for us to create multiple savegames and choose which one to load when starting a session?

That topic wasn’t discussed during the stream, no.

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Just swap out game.db files.

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@Croms_Faithful This was shared on my discord earlier. I sent a message Dennis’s way to ask for clarification. It is confirmed there will be a toggle option where you can build in restricted areas. Won’t impact official servers, etc. Meant for private servers or single player.

Figured you would jump for joy on that one.


Not only him, trust me, in single player I have one or two things I want to do years now… Finally, finally, thanks Multi, really :+1:t6:.


Oof, @Multigun that’s really good news.
Then I can finally move my dirt base to a beautiful residential area. :heart_eyes:


It looks like you have beat me to the punch this day Multigun. As it would happen I saw the topic in question earlier day while making my way to the forum, and also spotted the reply below by Ignasi. :point_down: Thankyou very, very much for bringing this to my attention.

So what does this mean to myself and other members who have posted their troubles on my thread.!? It is a solution; and a way to bypass or get around or resolve the issue.

Just in case for any members who the pin has not yet dropped for, here is how. Go into the Admin settings > activate creative mode > build or move things around in the troubled areas > turn creative mode back off and resume normal play. Repeat whenever needed. Brilliant! And I would even go as far as to theorise that we could go back to placing bedrolls inside dungeons and building beyond the green Cursed Wall as we used. PC and Xbox players; prepare yourselves to live the same joys we once did on ps4 and shall once more. And while we are on the subject I will be sure to add a ‘Solution’ post to the aforementioned thread once the update goes live.

I am not sure if Funcom devised this with me specifically in mind, or if it was just a stroke of extremely good fortune and an immensely helpful byproduct of the new feature. And perhaps it is best if I did not know. But regardless, I am absolutely ecstatic, both by this, and also by what is being offered in Update 3.0. I feel reinvigorated and very blessed, like a man renewed.

@Community I cannot possibly thank you all and the Dev team profusely and humbly enough. But PLEASE one of you pass on my most sincere, profound and heartfelt thanks and gratitude to our wonderful Dev team. And my thanks to @den for his wonderful vision moving forward. You are all amazing. Huzzah!!




We’ll probably need to wait until Testlive comes to know for sure. But the way Dennis explained it to me made it sound like it was its own option and not necessarily tied to Creative Mode.

Either way, yup, it sounds like a solution has been presented for you.


Aye. I am trying hard to contain my excitement and not get to far ahead of myself. But I appear to be failing miserably. But if it is indeed the case… :star_struck:

Forgive but what is meant by ‘its own option and not tied to creative mode’. I do not understand.


You indicated that you believe that it is needed to enable Creative Mode in order to bypass building restriction zones. My understanding is that there is a separate option for it, meaning Creative Mode being toggled on wouldn’t be necessary for the ability to build in restrictive zones.


Sooo by that do you mean that it may be an actual admin setting to enable building in restricted zones, and hence we may not even need to activate creative mode at all to overcome them…?


Right, just like there is a Server Setting (according to the stream and in my recap) for the stability stuff.


Wow that is freaking awesome. I recall one of our CMs saying that auch a feat may be difficult to accomplish without potentially breaking the game or jeopardising the system. So it looks like hats off to the for a second time now. Furthermore, there may now even be two distinct possibilities for a workaround if my own idea were to also work. But one would do the trick nicely.

Cheers to you this day for being the bearer or good tidings! I do recall you like cookies, so these should be appropriate.

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I always viewed battle passes like those grocery store memberships. You get some benefits that others do not. Sure their maybe a sale on eggs that everyone that shop enjoys but you get discounts on the bacon as well and 10 cents off at the gas pump etc. By viewing it this way, it’s not a big deal IMHO.


Damn, @Multigun, is it me or have you outdone yourself this time? Anyway, thanks for the abso-freaking-lutely stellar job you’ve done on the recap. :smiley: