Developers pay attention

Pay attention to what exactly?

Do not you see anything strange?

how does a person sit in the air?

admin fly mod ?

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lol no/ it’s official server

This is of no use whatsoever. They need details not some vague video…great so somebody is sitting in mid air…did they disconnect? are they stuck in a wall that hasn’t rendered in? are they hacking? like i said…100% useless video.

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looks normal to me

Okay do not you judge, “useful sir”.

They’re literally telling you to actually WRITE some details in as to what happened and why. Your video shows the current. Not what lead up to it or anything. Like others have said. Did they disconnect? Was there any server lag? Were they hacking, what? You left no details to have anybody help you, let alone if nobody speaks your language they ESPECIALLY don’t know what’s happening. Stop being snarky and actually give some details and you might get helped.

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He doesn’t speak english, he’s using google translate to try to give you information, so you either chill out or you take what you get.
Can we get a russian speaking person here please. BTRR has a lot of insight on bugs, glitches and nasty errors and he could give a lot of help before full release, or wait for full release leave people like me to unleash total havoc on official servers. Suit yourself. :slight_smile:
I would help but i got 30minutes of internet per day this week and no conan gameplay, sigh.


Good question. You are right, they are in the air. It is not the Admin Ghost mode since the character is not in the lotus position.

I don’t get the lotus position all of the time. Is there a trick to getting it? I really prefer that position instead of the stately standing position? In PC SP PVP

Looks like he’s simply demonstrating how weak and useless bows are. I ignore archers all the time to loot chests and bodies. Their damage is negligible.

Wait nvm. I think it’s random, I’ve seen both when I was forced to fly due to bugs in the Dregs.