Developers please watch I put together 5 videos

Developers please watch I put together 5 videos to improve quality of life in general gameplay that would greatly enhance the experience with little to no development time and and greatly improve functionality and server maintenance.

Conan Exiles Admin quality of life improvement part 1

Conan Exiles command prompt quality of life improvement part 2

Conan Exiles Dungeons options in admin quality of life improvement part 3

Conan Exiles Thrall quality of life improvement part 4

Conan Exiles camel train or caravan quality of life improvement part 5



Thank you, BrokenFang, for taking the time and effort to provide us with your thoughts on the game. I’ve watched all 5 videos and I’ll respond to each of your points in the post below:

Neutral admin buildings

I’ll write this one down and present it to the team. I can’t say for sure if this will actually be implemented or not. It’s somewhat beyond the original scope of the admin capabilities. We don’t intend for Conan Exiles to be a full “do it your own” style game.

"Gifting" levels

This is actually possible via RCON, which you can read more about on the Wiki. Admittedly, the wiki needs more details. con 0 setstat level 60 <-- should set the player in slot 0 to lvl 60

Dungeon variety

This is also one of those things that goes beyond the original scope of admin mode and probably won’t happen. I’ll still write it down on my list, though.

Thrall video
You mention several things in this one, so I’m going to take it point by point:

  1. “Conan isn’t a thrall”: Conan isn’t supposed to be a thrall. :wink: You can summon him in the admin panel (because you can summon all NPCs), but since he’s not supposed to be a thrall he only has a certain number of hit points
  2. “Armor attributes don’t matter on Thralls”: This is intended, as thralls don’t have attributes in the same way as players
  3. Thrall Damage/DPS stat: I agree that this should be there and I’ll make a note of it.
  4. “Thralls have different aggro ratings”: This was new to me. As far as I know they should have the same settings, but I’ll follow this up. For now there probably won’t be an option to set thralls to passive/aggressive, but we know this is a highly requested feature.
  5. “Thrall animations”: This is also a highly requested feature, and it’s already in my list of suggestions.

Caravan system
We sort of already have this with the map room. At the moment it’s not likely that we’re going to add in a separate fast travel system.

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:


This information is being immediately added. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It is correct that we need help with adding details to the wiki. This is true for almost every single page, so help is always appreciated!

To follow progress, look on the Recent Changes page or simply look here:

I did extensive research on this topic can could not find anything

Conan Exiles Fast travel 2.0 follow up

Conan Exiles passive and active AI part 1

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Well now you sorta can.

Scooper (DevKit dev) might be working on the Rcon page a little more in the future, but without his help noone would’ve added anything on it so far sadly.

I will look at these when I have the time, but just as a quick suggestion, it’s much easier for me if you just write down your feedback. I can read it much faster than you can talk about it in your videos.

Hello and salutations. I agree Erik the written word is much quicker. The issue that I have is a doesn’t properly reflect the intent or describe the true issue of the situation being discussed. I’m sacrificing a little bit of my time in order to try to properly articulate ideas any issues in order to better serve the overall development of the product. Ultimately it is a result of posting in the past and not getting a response. I figured it visual representation of the issue and discussion was a better way ahead.

And at this point I realize that you’re probably tired of listening to my voice coz I’ve posted something like 65 videos of bugs, and philosophical debate of game development social media prices and marketing. And on some of those videos I’m definitely inebriated lol

But at this point the videos are really meant to be listen to as podcast. And it is totally acceptable to disagree with my views and opinions unless I’m capturing a bug or exploit and reporting it.

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Gonna sneak in here, and +1 this.
In Solo, or Private Server, or Co-op. Being able to make small forts not tied to myself or purge. Is something I want,
Slap up some walls, and build a base for people to raid.

Or even the ability to place NPC Building items. (Asgard people have some cool stalls, houses, and section I WOULD love to use, or place!

Dungeon variety
Any chance will see more “load screen dungeons” They dont have to be conplex like Dregs or Jelag, But more cave systems and dungeons in general. (again, simple door load screen) to make exploring abit more fun.
Finding a small tunnel, with no chest and 5 enemies is kinda meh. XD

We are working on several more dungeons of various sizes :slight_smile:

You’re still doing that even if you’re writing it out in a text post. It’s also easier for us to look through written reports for feedback and bugs (unless it’s for exploits).


I completely disagree with this approach. Dungeons are not going to improve replayability or game experience. the content that they add is very subjective because ultimately and the items have the same stats as current items. There are other ways to improve the game, fleshing out crafting systems.

They will for me, i live for new locations and dark places. =3

Dark places! lol

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