Devkit: mod upload fails

Game mode: dev kit
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: n/a
Region: n/a


I try for the first time to upload a mod to the steam workshop and it fails every time.
This is from the log:

LogModManager: ModPak completed with code 0
LogModManager: Updating item 2414719986 (this can take some time, as the file is uploding to the Steam Workshop)…
LogModManager: SteamUpload completed with code 2
LogModManager:Error: Couldn’t update item ‘2414719986’: Unexpected error. Are you sure the item hasn’t been deleted from the Workshop and you are logged in with the correct account on Steam?
Was the item deleted from the Workshop?
LogOutputDevice:Display: Bug report upload completed with result code 200, took 0.779 seconds.

(the part “Couldn’t update item … Was the item deleted from the Workshop?” also appears as a

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. cooking the mod succeeds, and the mod works just fine locally in single-user mode
  2. upload fails consistently with message as above (even after cleaning the .json file)
  3. however, an empty entry (file size 0.000MB) is created which I can see in the workshop
  4. after that, “update mod info to Steam” succeeds: title, description, preview image will upload nicely
  5. however, “update mod file to Steam” (ie. the upload of the actual .pak) fails every time, with message as above.

the .pak is about 10MB which I believe should not be too large?

Any suggestions what I might try?

Given that some mods are several GB, 10MB sure isn’t. Did you verify your devkit files yet? Backsup your raw, uncooked mod files first. I assume you are on the correct steam account, if the mod info update works.

Thanks for the reply - yes, the error message is probably misleading, the steam account must be correct and the item is not deleted - it is actually created (on first upload attempt) and almost all information will upload correctly, just not the .pak file.
I already verified the devkit files, and even did a complete reinstall of the devkit. And I created 3 different mods, including a minimal one with just one tiny asset file, all with the same effect.

The game discussed isn’t Conan Exiles, but the problem is the same. Uploading a Data to Steam Workshop. According to this it might be your are firewalling the devkit.

I am no expert for Networks, but I wonder if large data is passed through different ports than descriptions. Since they have different destinations, PAK files are storage, Mod info is display, to put it simple. Might be complete bollocks, but I have no better idea why descriptions pass and paks do not other than they are differently routed by steam.

Hi, that really looks like the very same problem, with a different game!
I just tried disabling the windows firewall, that did not help; but of course
it can still be at the router level. I will look into that and see what I can do.

Thank you for this hint!

For the records: This was indeed some kind of firewall problem at the router.
Using a vpn-tunnel to a different internet access point did the trick.
Thanks again for the hint!
(and maybe the error message should be fixed, as it is clearly misleading and not helpful)

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