Dice? What are they for?

Is there actually a purpose for these? I’m on PlayStation if that makes any difference. They look nice, would’ve liked to place them. Too bad.

From what I can tell, I believe they’re meant as a tool to decide distribution of loot in a group of players.

They are for playing with. They give you random numbers in game and those can be used however you want them to be used.

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How do you do this? I cannot interact on dice on Playstation :man_shrugging:. Can you fix a video showing how to use dice please ?

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They are used from your toolbar.


They’re for RP purposes only, really. Sure they can be used for loot distribution but adhering to that is RP territory as the game doesn’t enforce anything.

Does the number appear on the chat panel?

I think the dice only work on PC, on consoles they dont do anything

Oh yeah, the number does appear in chat, so I guess no chat box on console means no dice rolls.


Exactly :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Thank you for your effort however, always a pleasure :blush:.

So these are pointless for console players? They should at least let us place them as decorative item on a table.

Thanks for the replies and clarification.

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I continually forget consoles have no chat box. Not that they’re losing much, on my server it’s completely dead 95% of the time, even when prompted, and the rest of the time it’s various groups having private conversations in the global channel in their native languages, which I sometimes understand, other times not. Hard to argue with when it’s that or a dead chat anyhow.

At one point, I thought they “entertained” you once?

To text something to another player, you have to go completely out of the game and go to the message menu, find the name and press the name you want to chat, wait until it’s open then start typing and wait until the message publish.
In the mean time your toon may be attacked and die because you are “afk” :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
So no, do not envy us!
We need in game chat really “bad”.
In elder scrolls online the game has in game chat and you have the ability, to scroll all the chat and to choose to speak in private even in the global chat.
I wish Conan exiles had the same feature, it’s really handy!

Sure, was just making a wry comment since most servers I’ve been to, chat has been nearly non-existent anyway. Only good old 1008 back in the day had a real live community for a while.

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Yes my master, worry not! I do understand the spirit of your saying! (I just grabbed the chance to ask in game chat once more for Playstation :laughing:).
I wish the new update will flood the servers again! Other than that it’s still summer, and this particular summer people need more to stay out! This pandemic held them a lot inside, so people need to stay out more than ever!
I only wish more people love this game so I can continue playing it.

Absolutely nothing! Say it again!

Oh wait, that’s war.

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