Did they take out the ability to adjust the Wheel of Pain thrall convert time?


I just started playing Testlive again after a lengthy hiatus. It would seem that I’ve either forgotten how to change the Wheel of Pain thrall convert time or it’s no longer an option. I was able to find the pets slider but not the thrall/WOP slider. This seems rather short sighted by the dev team to me. Not to mention extra harsh, almost bordering on discrimination, against/to the SP gamer. When the time comes that there are no longer any official servers most people will resort to playing the SP game will likely become extra frustrated trying to convert their 1st t4 thrall. I swear it takes at least a month game time to convert a t4 NPC in the base WOP w/a t1 taskmaster. MP games get the luxury of having the convert timer running while the player is logged off the server.

Am I just missing where the admin slider for the WOP is? Or has it really been removed?

Thanks in advance!

Server Settings → Crafting → Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier

That should be the one I believe.

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@Azazane thank you! :+1: :+1:

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On Ps4 wheel of pain setting is done with animal pen slider. No with crafting slider have been doing it on my server since 2018 @Technicolorfool should be the same on pc since they are similar on gportal


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