Problems with Wheel of Pain not working right?

Hello. I have put in new thralls for the Wheel of Pain, over 2k gruel, changed my thrall output Animal Pen Crafting Time Multiplier to 0.00100, when I did this, previous to yesterday, all pets, and thralls were finishing in about 10 min or so, as of yesterday, when my servers settings all went back to defaults, i can’t get my thralls or pets UPDATED: resintalled server pets work proper now, just not thralls on the wheel to finish fast. I have reset all settings for Pet and Hunger, and changed the values back to 1.00000, an its all the same speed. Also, my Gruel now, last only 1hr for 300 Gruel, its going very fast for some reason. I have tried as well to make a Greater Wheel of Pain, put thralls and new gruel in there, and the same outcome. Seems to gauge is broken to change the finish speeds, and I don’t know how to fix it.

I have restarted server 2 times as well.

Anyone else having this problem as well with their Wheel of Pain ?

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I play on ps4 and when on the server can go into settings while in game. Some times works better than say Gportal site. I don’t know much about pc. Hopefully some one else will reply @Narelle any idea. Thanks

This is not the setting for thralls. The one for thralls is this one and it will only apply to newly captured thralls:

For the gruel not lasting long, check your spoil rate and fuel burn multipliers.

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Thanks. On ps4 pet multiplier does thralls when using ingame settings

You guys are special lmao :smiley:

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In game settings are a bit simpler with sliders instead of typing in numbers as you would in Gportal site. Thanks again for the help. Was about to clock out at work when I saw OP message.

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