Digging Deeper - Tier 4

Even when using the correct emote, e.g. /pray in front of the angel or /covereyes in front of the snake, the poison gas is released and my character is killed.

I just ran this quest yesterday because someone on discord had trouble with it and everything worked fine.

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I’ve logged out and run a repair to see if that helps. Going back I was a bit too keen on the letters and died, stuff happens, but now that’s bugged for me and I die on the ‘B’.

All OK for me too, ran it quicklly just now to check (capture below)

@Calkrow Usually I can retry immediately if I die to the poison, but if your instance is playing up you probably need to shut the client down all the way and give it 10 minutes or so to reset before retrying

When you do the emotes make sure that you are exactly in front of the statues and facing them. Do them in the order that they show up in the clue text, i.e

  • Discus dude and /clap
  • Angel and /pray
  • Soldier and /spit
  • Snake and /covereyes

Good luck!

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I do wonder whether it is bugging out when I die due making a mistake (I admit I’m rushing it) so perhaps if I do I should, as you suggest, close the client down and re-try.

Fingers crossed for when next I’m playing :slight_smile:

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Not having been in the game for a few hours I’ve started the client, entered the tunnels and triggered the poison gas the moment I walk on the ‘b’ of Abyssus.

I’ve now dropped the quest and I’m restarting the game. Starting to think it’s something particular to this character.

Well paused rather than dropped. Don’t know whether that made a difference but have finally been able to complete this tier.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.