Disappearing body trick for Circle of Power

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For anyone out there experiencing the bug where your body does not show after summoning your corpse I think my friends and I found a trick to make it show.

Return to the spot which you died and render that exact area. Ensure a clanmate is watching the circle and the body appears.

This has been successful many times over many death + summonings in our current playthrough. Body does not show about every 5-6 times of summoning.

Not sure yet if this would work alone without a clanmate yet. I haven’t tested if dying again removes the opportunity for it to appear after rendering death area.

Good luck.

When it bugs out, your body is trapped in the circle and dismantling it will make your corpse appear.

That has happened to me but this is different it seems. Just like it appearing on the roof…

We don’t always have the option to remove our circle either due to the nature of our builds.

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