Disappearing items

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Bug Description: for 2 days now i have had items disappear out of my inventory for no reason. First was last night when both my truncheon and my thralls truncheon disappeared while running across the map so i had to go all the back to base to get another. Then today i log in and my thralls Feroxic 2h sword is gone and replaced with a steel truncheon, my fellow clan member had the same issue. Also my torches at my base near H10 keep disappearing on 1 side of my base…all of this is on isle of siptah btw. Server 6107, character name is Guvness.

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Stuff disappearing

Expected Behavior:

My stuff to not disappear

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Make a base at H10 overlooking on the ledge near the center and surround it by torches…I do not know how to reproduce the disappearing swords etc.

This sounds more like a joke from a clan-member, or else to me.

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