Disappearing Official Servers

Hey guys!

I don’t suppose anyone knows what happened to Official Server 2024? I was on there today with my clan member. We got kicked off and now the server isn’t showing on our list. We haven’t been banned as we can’t see it on our Alt accounts either. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks :blush:

Fixing bugs maybe? instead of shutting down every server at once to work on them, maybe they are doing them one or a few at a time? its possible, i dont know for sure, i remember my server went missing for a few days last year right before AoS dropped.

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You were right :grin: it just completely disappeared and then came back about three hours later with updates to do. Thank you for your response!

Not the way it’s done. The server host may be upgrading servers :rofl: But they’re not going to shut down A; 1, server to work on the game.

All public servers do a daily restart. Takes about half an hour or less.

But updates to the game have little to do with the server. Other then they need to close it to update the server to the game build your game updated to. Still not something that is done server by server.

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