Disappearing Sanctum of Set

I do not really have any steps to reproduce this. This is happening in my modded SP Testlive.

This what I had in place when i logged out yesterday after replacing it the first time. Please note that the Set Brazairs are also disappearing. I was testing my thralls attack response in this area for another thread.

This is what I came back to this morning. yes, all of them returned to the general locations they were posted in.

Edit #1. Unloaded my mods and this is what i found so far.

So I took a walk around the area and found that about 12 of the T3 foundations are visually there, but support nothing.

Edit #2 I replaced (upgraded) the trouble some foundations with Aquilonian Foundations and the sanctum remained in place.

Edit #3 this is what it looks like after I replaced the ghost foundations.

Has the Sanctum ever hosted Protection (Bubble)? My savegame with the permabubble is finally fixed, and this may be connected.

No, never tried the bubble. Lost two of them in that location in the last 24 hours. I am not sure when the first one actual disappeared since that area of my base is complete.

Found a different location with more ghost parts. Not real sure on the cause. I thought that the flags and torches had disappeared. i went to replace them in the fly mode and this is what i found.

Is topped once I was in the drink so i started it again to get my head above the water line. Not real sure how to fix these two. Might possibly be able to use on of the other DLC’s or standard T3 parts.I have not noticed this in other areas of my base right now.

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During additional testing, I found the issue is intermittent.

This is another area where I have “ghost” foundations. They are a dock for the traps in the water.

When I went back to check on the two in the water, I found them to be solid. I Placed some two different foundations on top as a test to see what happened.

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