Disappearing thralls on multiple servers

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer
Problem: All thralls gone.
Region: [Here]

All thralls are disappearing on multiple servers. Anyone else experiencing this? Has happened on 2503, 2502, 2975, 2015, so far. Lost high levels thralls. This is the last straw for me I think. Have loved this game but between crashes, all the bugs and now this. Why try to keep going. So sad. Decay timers are off till the 21st or so we were told. Is that wrong?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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FUNCOM failed to mention (or failed to turn off) the thrall decay timer when they said “decay timers are disabled on Xbox until Jan 21”.

I too lost every thrall I worked for over the last year trusting their inaccurate messaging while taking a holiday break. I will not be back to this unforgiving, bug ridden game, and poor communication. Would be wise to spend your time elsewhere.

Sorry this happened, I feel your frustration.

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Turned off building decay timers, but not thrall decay timer. LMAO. Way to go on that one Funcom. It almost seems as though they are trying to get Everyone on xbox to quit playing. Forgot thrall decay, sorry but, LMAO, cant stop laughing. Wow no wonder game runs the way it does. Attention to details, that’s what I love about you Funcom. Just cant stop laughing. Sorry. First hard laugh of the year, thanks. Next one will be when Isle dlc drops and I get to read the complaining about it. Paid my money, might as well get some entertainment from all this. Forgot thrall timer. LOL.


WTF… Thank you people, you saved my thralls. 15 days. Unbelievable, they forgot to turn off the thrall decay timers while wishing us a good holiday time. I am feeling with you who lost them. The first thing I did when I read this was to log in. Two more days and all my thralls would have disappeared too.

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