Disappearing thralls

My thralls are starting to disappear after being placed on guard within my base. PVP, official server #1800, no mods, North America, on Steam, PC. I now have 2 thralls, level 9 and 8, and 1 horse, level 20, who have disappeared after I logged out.

The horse was placed in his usual stable after being used while harvesting and leveling a fighter thrall. The 2 fighter thralls were equipped with legendary armor and weapons and placed within my base so I could continue leveling them when I returned. All three show on the follower map as being where I placed them when I logged out, but when I logged back in the following day, they were gone. I have removed the foundations under them to see if they had somehow fallen through, but nothing.

This is unacceptable.

Can you please tell me what happened to them and how I can recover them AND their equipment?

And how this can be prevented in the future?

Update: found the level 8, he had been displaced vertically by about 6 or 7 levels and horizontally by 10 or so foundations and laterally by 4 or 5. haven’t located the others, though.

Update 2: found the horse, similarly displaced, but much further away still within the base, displaced vertically lower, whereas the 8 was higher.

Both weren’t where I found them last night…that is, they were in locations I passed by but they weren’t there last night.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try rescuing the 9 and hopefully his gear will show up.

Uodate 3: Tried that, recovered the thrall, but sadly, no gear.


We also faced such a problem, the slaves were on guard at the base, archers and fighters, some disappeared, they simply cannot be seen, although the map shows that they are at the base. They rescued one slave, and in the place where he was supposed to stand, his bag of loot appeared, they become invisible …

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