Thralls are disappearing frequently (PC-Modded Single Player)

My thralls are disappearing frequently and cant find em back till they come. But this time i got a migrate from other palace to make a new home and said em stay n guard there. Now theyre lost again and cant find this time cuz theyre stucked at “Guarding” position. I look them on map but theyre not there that what theyre seems.
It has been like this since I started the game. Really tired of this cant find a solve in my save so i tried my chance here

I dont know English well i tried to introduce my problem as well as i can.

I had one of my newly rescued bearer thralls that I walked home and told to ‘guard’ that ended up going back to the cage that I originally rescued him from, so it might not be remembering guard positions.

Or one of the mods I’m using is mucking it up.

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