Disappointed in monetization

:cool: This is something I should master: I will study my post to help me figure out why it sounded sarcastic. I’ve done this inadvertently on what used to be Twitter, once by paying a compliment to a public figure and I got ratioed into Neverland. It was epic.

As for the BLB and Battle Pass:



The greatest reason players are “lost” is because of other things and not FOMO, I believe! I don’t want to derail the thread, we both understand what I mean. I listen their screams in my ears for many things in game :confused:. Some people thought that they will boycott the game until these issues will be fixed. They made me feel guilty of buying things when we were chatting, especially when I was trying to explain them that this decision is respectful but will lead to nowhere, because the employees must be paid somehow, so I don’t find boycott as solution…
These players however, buyed everything from the very beginning of the game, payed bandles, etc, etc…

On my country we say that next to the burning dry wood, fresh wood will be burned too!

We agree!

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I think this has been hashed to death in numerous posts already, but I understand you needed to have your say.
Kudos for not saying you were taking your ball and going home. ( Quitting )

I think @auticus said it best,

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To me, you seemed unusually enthusiastic at the idea of paying more for the same, I’m probably just too used to people on the internet using (feigned) enthusiasm as a means of signaling sarcasm. Maybe getting ratioed into Neverland would do me some good! In any case, I’m glad I was wrong.


It’s just Poe’s Law :wink:

As for the topic itself, I agree with your objections to FOMO-based monetization and other anti-consumer practices, but that ship has sailed a long time ago. We don’t even own the games we play anymore.

Funcom hired a monetization expert to come up with this stuff. That expert knows very well that most players will accept these practices without batting an eye, so don’t expect the nature of the monetization in Conan Exiles to change. In fact, I wouldn’t expect anything to change at all as long as the data they collect indicates that the bottom line is unaffected.

In the end, the best we can hope is that they’ll read our feedback and toss us a bone when adjusting things. Call me a defeatist if you want, but I don’t believe there will be any drastic changes in monetization.


All the better! Were it up to me, it would be hashed to death in several more posts. I’m sorry in case you’ve grown tired of the topic, but you can always choose to follow the analog of auticus’ advice you helpfully pointed out: Don’t want to read about it - then don’t.

No, I do enjoy the game overall, and I can of course just choose to ignore the optional monetized content. I’d just rather pay for something that seems less dishonest and be a happy customer with the occasional gripe, than feeling like feeding the evil machine that plots to milk me dry, if hyperbole serves. And if there’s a minute chance that posting feedback and outlining my issues helps in some way, I’ll take it.


I wouldn’t call you defeatist, not more or less than I would the next person affected by this change and familiar with the trajectory modern gaming is on. I understand your point and agree. It’s just that posting feedback here doesn’t cost me, and if it helps, great. And if it doesn’t, no skin off my back. I don’t expect anything to change, I’m just cautiously hopeful that - as you said -

One can only hope!


i can think of a much more rude and direct way to call it, but… i will not say it here… for obvious reasons.

i will call you a realistic one

yup wishful thinking, but hey nothing wrong with it :slight_smile:

Exactly, no harm in it. If you don’t try, you’ve already lost!

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