New update is good but also lacking (rant about new armor system)

First of i would like to say funcoms art and lore team done a good job with this new battle pass and update . But there store and battlepass system is ruining the hole update , first of all nearly everyone thought that is you owned siptah you would get the new stormglass addition for free , well no 8$ most of the new content they showed isnt in the battlepass but instead it will be added to the bazar later on so even more money to spend . Also the way that the battlepass is account bound and the fact that you cant were armor the armors unless you own them is negatively impacting the game i would say. (Rant) why has funcom started doing this if you dont own it you cant use it system i find it very scumy , they never done this with any of the dlc packs so why now , and there also giving some dlc pack armor for free in the bazar . Like im i going to get anything for purchasing them originaly ? This may sound like a conspiracy but the reason i think they have done this is all to do with the amount of bans , because if youre account gets banned you will need to buy it again and again and again . Infinite money source. Personally im not buying anything incase my account gets banned and it would be a waist of money . Just go back to the old system and let eveyone were the armor and use items if they havent purchased them.

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yes the blocking skins are the WORST decision for community…
we have the game about looting stuff and cant even pick many items (each chapter we getting more of them)…


Yeah this new system has to go , theres no reason to have it other than being greedy


What I think about this is the fact, that developers pay attention to parts of the game people like the most. Such as stormglass buildings, amazing idea. I dont think so, that the bazar building parts were done before, I believe they made another ones.

And that’s why they can’t implement it into the sets people bought before in DLC’s. This does not make sense anyway.

Only greedy person would demand new content from some DLC pack they bought before, and paid the money for the content that was already there before, without knowing there will be more. :wink:

If you don’t like bazaar and BP, just ignore the stuff there, you can as well play without it as you did before.

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If funcom were mcdonals they would make you pay for napkins and ketchup pouches , if you like conan i understand , but open your eyes

And one addition:

Still don’t see why the amount of disagreement about beloved game or whatever content whatsoever. If you like something a lot, you should not mind spending few buck to keep it going and keep the people who make that contet able and willing to spend some time to do so. That is why one buys music from favourite singer and won’t download it from the internet.

Many people here thinks that their money they spent before grants them infinite new content of everything in CE. Because devs can afford it a you deserve it, right… sigh

I hope you get my point.


When was the game ever about looting?

You can loot pieces from NPCs, but you can craft better, so that’s hardly a focus. This isn’t Diablo.

People keep saying this is a game about looting, just say it outright. You’re upset you can’t PvP loot.

There is no point in selling gear if people will just give it away for free. That isn’t greed, it’s business.

I mean, think logically.

Burger King is selling a meal, whopper/fries/drink.
One person buys that meal, then has the ability to give that meal away for free, for the rest of their life.
Nobody else has to buy from Burger King, they can just get it free.

Not that that is a real thing that could happen. But that is basically what you’re talking about. Is it crappy? Yep. Is it going to change? Not likely.

FC isn’t making money on the DLC that has previously released. That is a one-time purchase that requires a constant influx of new players. Which isn’t happening on Conan. And isn’t nearly enough to keep fueling new development.

I hate the Bazaar, don’t get me wrong. But this is the direction they are taking. And forum rants won’t get you anywhere. Since we’ve been ranting on the Bazaar since day 1 when it first appeared.

I think it is pretty crappy to release building pieces as they are doing. And I personally won’t support anything from the bazaar. I’ll just go with modded stuff.

The problem is, it’s not a few bucks. It’s a pretty steep fee for minimal stuff. Worse, it’s DIGITAL content, that they can sell an infinite number of times.

They chose to price it high in order to coerce the whale’s into purchasing it.

They would have made more overall if they’d priced it lower and coerced the masses into purchasing it.

$10 gets you 1200 coins. That’s enough for a few building pieces in a set. But you end up spending what…$30-$50 to get a full set, because they’ve broken it up into overpriced pieces, that necessitate purchasing multiple packs.

You get a choice. You can get one or two pieces, that probably don’t fit into the aesthetic of your base, or you spend as much for a full expansion in most AAA games, just to get a full set of base pieces.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be complaining if they had just given us a full building pack at $20. That’s reasonable to me. I’m talking foundations, walls, roofing, decorations, the same stuff they are presenting on the bazaar.

And most, I am pretty sure, would 100% buy that as well. The old DLC prices were unreasonable, sure. But the Bazaar prices are just as unreasonable.

One full building set: $20
3 armor sets: $10
A pack of 3-5 weapons: $10

I would say that’s a much more reasonable price point for a game as old as this, given the bugs in the game, and the other myriad problems.


I have bought every dlc for this game up until now lady , so they have got around nearly 80 pounds including the game 40 pounds in early access , ive played the game for years now , i can see that you are a funcom defender at heart , but i see things with a open mind , if all you do is defend a company that is doing wrong they will never learn, battle pass is lacking , prices are debataple , all im saying is they are missleading there audiance

Yeah , i see your point , just sucks that armor isnt cross account, really like the new armor styles , but dont want to pay over and over for the same armors because of my account getting banned

I have to agree about the prices. They are high and most of the people agree with it.

To me it’s about to looking once in the month into the Bazaar and think about what from the stuff I want, if some. The higher price is also about the fact, that every enthusiast player won’t have everything right now, like with buying DLC’s.

And that’s why I am missing the tradement option here. So people who won’t spend money on Bazaar items, can exchange it with another players who have something they might want. I don’t believe it would kill the Bazaar point, if it was allowed only on official servers (so one would not spam 1000 bazaar items and then gave them away for materials, etc.)

The other thing: BP should be allowed only on official servers. How the option to spam every stuff from challenges in admin panel helps the player to like the game and do something valuable actually?

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I am not anyone’s defender, I know nothing about their transactions and power, etc. I play only CE. Just when I like something, I just like it. I see the problems, the same as I see the advantages and the good stuff. I don’t spend my time about research, how many which company earns every year, so I can be sceptic and hatefull and demanding and complaining.

I am glad for the fact that this game got somewhere, something new is happening and they give a damn about it, even with having another projects. Years before it was worse, a long period of time there was nothing new to explore, to do, etc.

I was kinda hoping they will include the map extension, or some dungeons with Sorcery 2, but maybe next time…

Thats my problem they arent adding anything of value (pvp player) the old dlc packs were 9 to 10 pounda yet now one stormglass add on is the same price

And what would you like to have in the game?

If more ppl agree on it, it can get attention and get realized. More like for another single topic though.

They only add things for the pve community, there piggy banks , 9 pounds for a camping tent what a joke

Do you realize, that Bazaar stuff is overall known about being aesthetic content? :slight_smile: There is nothing about advantages for whatever game style you play.

You’ve been told this before, there is no pay to win in CE. :wink:

Ok you dont understand , no point continuing with this conversation

Certainly not, because you keep talking about what is wrong and what you dislike, even when directly asked about what would you like instead. :slight_smile:

Because i already said i like there content , i just dont like there way of selling it to players

Well, I would like people, who are not happy about some stuff in the game, to think something out, give to others some ideas, make threads, so people see it, like it, repost it… So it can actually become true? :smiley:

I don’t see what purpose serves you just complaining about what is wrong. Maybe the purpose is just to have conflict, then i have no solution.

So you would like the game be free to play? See, you bought all DLCs, you have everything you need. You don’t need to buy stuff you don’t like because of many reasons. And when anyone has something you don’t, so what?

You got plenty of stuff with both the new updates, little things are free, agreed. But the soul of the updates are the new things out there, not those fancy whatever in bazaar. Even person who don’t have BP, can have some of the sorcery stuff for free. I understand it’s for the purposes to lead them to buy BP, but as I said, I don’t see why not.